Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Speaking Frankly

Some may have noticed that there haven't been many comments from Frankie lately. It occurs to me that some readers might have concluded that I've been deleting him, as I have, occasionally, various particularly vapid and useless comments from other BOFFO guests. Not the case. Like his blog, Frank Drackman seems simply to have disappeared without a trace. He was with me back in the Surgeonsblog days, and got a pass for longevity and loyalty (if that's what it was).

So, Frank: if you still come by here (I'm marginally savvy with my statcounter, but there's more than a couple of long-time visitors from Georgia), give us a shout and let us know how you are. Email me? (It's in my profile.) Or if anyone else knows what's going on, chime in.

To my eternal shame, I miss the guy.


  1. Kellie (General Surgeon)April 19, 2011 at 1:52 PM

    He posted on Buckeye's blog on the 16th. Saw he changed his blog also. not sure what the deal is.

  2. We can only conclude that the Black Helicopters have come and put him in the Obama Camps.

  3. I miss Frankie. Last fall I boated (and released) a sheepshead rockfish, and I christened him (ok) "Frankie". He swims with the fishes. I believe "Free Speech" caught up with Dr. Drackman, despite his immense tongue in cheek, shocker, get a grip approach to fun issues.
    I would, If I knew how to PASTE the great picture of Frank Fish...massive fangs out of a huge head of white on a big RED body..yet kind and sweet underneath it all....but somehow can't. If Dr. Sid tells me how, I will....by the way, tonight's word verification is too easy Sid. My black lab, Ruby, whom you know very well read it easily. Not real "border patrol" like it should be. Tighten up man.

  4. He must have gotten his hands on Dr. Greenfields latest editorial and is busy testing the theory with his own n=1 prospective study. Hopefully his partner has been double-blinded, or at least sedated with EtOH.


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