Sunday, April 24, 2011

Send 'Em To Texas

No rain? No problem.


  1. It's got to rain sometime, which will be taken by the faithful as proof that prayer does work.

  2.  No doubt. And, then, what will it have meant? That god hadn't been paying attention, and the prayer was like a tap on the shoulder? Or that god, who knows your life before you're even born, changed his mind because enough people prayed?

    Wonder what the threshold is. A hundred people? A thousand? And since, as a former governor of that state once said, god doesn't hear the prayers of Jews, they must all have to be the right kind of Christians. Too bad for Kinky Friedman...

  3. A missive plea to the Almighty to bring rain?? This can't really be real! Oh, wait, I forget. It COULD be real. Kinda like the ghost dance of the Lakota. That was a heartfelt plea to save a way of life that was being destroyed. NOT a good comparison except in sarcasm. It's Christian Evangelists. Folks that can't see beyond the rejoiceful(sp) Utopia.

    The thing is, when I am dying, atheist as I am, the Catholic upbringing will asset itself and I will ask for last rites. Comfort. I always loved the ceremony of the Catholic Church. The rituals live on. Only personal.

    Idiots that spew crap like this as an edict? A signed proclamation? A Government official?

    These are the times I'd like to be a tea-party member, Get rid of the ridiculous. Get rid of the waste, the cronyism, get rid of the loss to people. I'll gladly pay more for all to have some. OOps, I got off-topic, sorry. Damn socialist.



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