Monday, April 11, 2011

Trumped Up

I almost missed this one.

As Donald Trump ascends ever higher in the estimation of teabaggRs, based only on his enthusiasm for birtherism (so much for those who think Obama had no qualifications to be president -- the same people who love The Donald for none but this), it's fun to look around at what such as those who support him call evidence.

Convincing to those who need no convincing, it's been discovered that an iconic pic of BHO with his grandparents was photoshopped. The president, they claim, was, in fact, never in this picture:

The proof? Looky here, at the real picture: he's nowhere to be seen:

Well, mostly nowhere. If you don't count his knee.

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  1. Ah...Synchronicity!

    I read this post recently. That tripped a neuron cascade, and then:

    Suddenly I was wondering why Missus Palin was soft peddling the "Obama's birth certificate" HooHah.

    She saying: "Obama's a citizen, but he's hiding something - look at all the money he spent ($1,000,000) to avoid revealing it. Even though it has been "revealed" like everywhere.

    I thought" How come she's not doing total, full-on Birther?

    Then I remembered - oh yeah...Trig! And, the birth certificate she refused to show!

    It all came back, the twenty hour journey back to Alaska, while leaking amniotic fluid, the pictures of her un-pregnent appearance during what she claimed to be late term pregnancy, the hospital and doctor who had nothing to say about the "birth", the pictures of the grandparents holding a baby some period of time before Missus Palin's "delivery."

    I suppose a quantum time shift might account for the discrepancy, but Occam's razor “generally recommends selecting the competing hypothesis that makes the fewest new assumptions.”

    The competing hypothesis in this case being that Missus Palin faked being the mother of Trig to cover for her now twice naughty daughter.

    And today I read that, now in Kentucky, a scholarly document has been written that pulls all of the loose string together and renders in plain English the judgment that Missus Palin, the McCain campaign and the “Liberal Media” had perpetrated a huge hoax on the “Murikin People.”

    Some tidbits:

    “All Palin would have had to do—then and now—to prove that she was Trig's mother was, ironically, produce a birth certificate.”

    “One of the only American journalists who looked into the story, Andrew Sullivan, suggests that we may have witnessed one of the greatest frauds in history”

    “Finally, one traditional media tried to figure out the truth... and ran into a brick wall”



    By the way SSWoman…

    She lied again, right? And oh…! About the “Bull’s-eye Lie” SSWoman … no reply yet?

    It is an ancient tradition and precept of Anglo Saxon law that “Silence gives consent.”

    Since you are silent, and do not answer my posts regarding Missus Palin’s contradictory statements about “Targeting” opposing politicians, I assume you are pleading no contest and admit that what I wrote about her is true.



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