Wednesday, November 5, 2014

At Least It'll Be Interesting

Well, it's gonna be interesting. The open-minded liberal in me says maybe I've been wrong about these guys; maybe they'll wake up to climate change, decide that in order for capitalism to work, it takes more than putting money in the pockets of the already wealthy. Maybe they'll propose a workable alternative to the ACA before voting, over and over, to repeal it. Maybe they won't hold the economy hostage and shut it down next time President Obama vetoes one of their proposals. It could be all good, right?

And no matter the likelihood of them actually proposing workable solutions to our problems, it's gonna be interesting to see the interplay between the teabagging wing and the old fogies like Mitch "Filibuster? Never heard of it" McConnell.

Other than an end to all presidential appointments, nothing much will change in the next two years. With an eye on the White House in 2016, Rs will find themselves in the unusual position of having to produce actual governance, of a sort that will appeal to enough voters to get them there; something they haven't had to bother with for the last six years. And that's gonna be the most interesting of all.

I only hope I can look at it from about 50,000 feet; otherwise, it ain't gonna be much fun around here.

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