Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Has The Line Been Crossed, Finally?

I keep hoping, and I keep writing, and maybe it's even faintly possible, that there will come a line beyond which even the Foxified won't follow the craziness that's become today's Republican party. Lo, and behold: one of their more starry-eyed (she loved her some Mitt) pundits seems to have hit her limit
... Dr. Ben Carson joins Mike Huckabee in refusing to accept that Supreme Court decisions, on gay marriage for example, are binding. ... Huckabee has said much the same thing. And to boot he’s hawked “nutritional supplements” as a cure to diabetes. ... So he’s both a constitutional and dietary charlatan. Either one should disqualify him. 
Then there is Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who cynically chooses to pander to the conspiracy-mongers who turning a military exercise primarily in Texas into a secret plan to impose martial law. ...  
... In less obvious ways, some presidential hopefuls also play on the ignorance and fear of the public. How many times has Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) falsely suggested the National Security Agency is listening to the content of millions of phone calls? Before reversing himself, he also gave support to the anti-vaccine hooey. ... 
... It is only when they are repeatedly and consistently called out that pols will stop fanning the flames of paranoia and ignorance. ... And worse, it also debases our political culture, hampers serious debate and further erodes self-governance itself.
Good for her. Will it make a difference? Is hers a lonely voice among so-called "conservatives," or might it be a precursor to a suggestion of a sign of the beginning of the start of a hint of the possibility of the onset of the inception of the dawning of a great-if-shockingly-late awakening? Has the insanity finally become blatant enough that even the carefully, intentionally, and willingly blinded are beginning to see it? Heck, even Laura Ingraham, among the screamiest of the screamers, recently found Jeb Bush to be too hard to take.

We can hope. We must hope; because if it's not true, we're doomed as a country, and possibly as a species. Let's note, however, that Ms. Rubin didn't include climate change denial or the perserverating belief in trickle-down economics among her complaints. Until we start hearing that, too, from the right, it's just so much hot (oh, it's not really hot) air.


  1. Your blog helps me understand why a friend says she feeds her dog Republicans.


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