Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Liar, Or Stupid?

Nowadays it's pretty hard to know if R politicos are one or the other. But I sorta doubt that all of them are so clueless that they think they're telling the truth when they make obviously fallacious statements. The one common denominator, though, is that they must think voters are stupid. Given their (the politicians') connections to and reliance on Fox "news," it's a pretty good assumption. Because Fox is nothing if not a disseminator of Republican disinformation. (Bruce Bartlett, conservative and former economic advisor to Saint Ronnie, recently said that what comes from Fox "news" should be viewed as a press release from the RNC. It's their right, he said; but it shouldn't be considered credible news.)

Anyhow, on the subject of liar vs stupid, there's Jeb Bush, in reference to his brother:
...“I think he could have used the veto power, he didn’t have line item veto power, but he could have brought budget discipline to Washington, DC... Now, that seems kind of quaint right now given the fact that after he left, budget deficits and spending just went up astronomically.”  
It’s important to note that when it comes to the fiscal details, Jeb Bush is badly confused. After George W. Bush left office, budget deficits got smaller, not bigger, and federal spending has increased slower, not faster. The fact that Jeb Bush has the entire picture completely backwards is a little unsettling – these are supposed to be basic details that a credible national candidate understands...
It's hard to believe he doesn't "understand" the facts. What he understands is that his potential voters don't give a shit about what's true. If they did they wouldn't be watching Fox, and they wouldn't be electing demonstrable liars.

So I suppose "the smart one" deserves credit for understanding the depths to which American politics, and especially today's Republican party, have sunk, and playing it like that guitar in "Mad Max." To our everlasting (which might not be that long) shame, the Foxified will eat it up like soylent green. After all, they still love it when ├╝ber-mendacious Donald Trump says shit like this.

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