Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Read It And Weep

This is the party that seeks total control of government. The one that not only denies climate change and would bar even mentioning the term, but would prevent further study of it. 

Last week, the House Science, Space, and Technology Committee, headed by Texas Republican Lamar Smith, approved a bill that would slash at least three hundred million dollars from NASA’s earth-science budget. 
The vote brought howls of protest from NASA itself and from wider earth-science circles. The agency’s administrator, Charles Bolden, issued a statement saying that the bill “guts our Earth science program and threatens to set back generations worth of progress in better understanding our changing climate.” ... 
The vote on the NASA bill came just a week after the same House committee approved major funding cuts to the National Science Foundation’s geosciences program, as well as cuts to Department of Energy programs that support research into new energy sources. As Michael Hiltzik, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, noted, the committee is “living down to our worst expectations.”
Cutting NASA and the N.S.F.’s climate-science budgets isn’t going to alter the basic realities of climate change. No one needs an advanced degree to understand this. Indeed, the idea that ignoring a problem isn’t going to make it go away is one that kids should grasp by the time they’re six or seven. ... 
“It’s hard to believe that in order to serve an ideological agenda, the majority is willing to slash the science that helps us have a better understanding of our home planet,” Representative Johnson wrote. Hard to believe, but, unfortunately, true.
It simply has to be, hasn't it, that there's a point beyond which even today's Foxified Republican voters won't go? Shouldn't it be that a majority of Americans would look at this political joke of a party and say, finally, enough idiocy is enough? Or has selfishness and denialism become the norm? Are we seeing the permanent end of rationality in a once-great country?

Sort of looks like it. Because people like this getting enough votes from anywhere to put them and keep them in office ought to be impossible in the US of all places, where advances in science that changed the world were once routine; where innovation and invention were synonymous with our name.

Really? Does made-up and perfectly packaged fear of the Muslim Kenyan Nazi Socialist Commie ISIS-controlled terrorist Christianity-outlawing America-hater and his illegitimate occupation of the White House explain the ease with which whole swaths of the county have been bamboozled into voting against their and their kids' future? If so, I suppose we deserve what we're getting.

But our children and grandchildren sure as hell don't.

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