Saturday, February 6, 2016

Paul Ryan Defends God

Many, including the President (and this guy), have said, in reaction to reactions to gun violence, especially mass murders, that "thoughts and prayers" aren't enough. Now Speaker (really should be with a small "s") Paul Ryan has had a thing or two to say about that little bit of common sense:

This week, Congress’ leading Republican offered his response to the argument. The New York Daily News reported: 
House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) on Thursday blasted critics who say prayer isn’t an adequate response to mass shootings and defended his rifle-loving party’s do-nothing approach to gun violence.“The attitude in some quarters these days is, ‘Don’t just pray; do something about it,”’ Ryan said at the annual National Prayer Breakfast. “The thing is, when you are praying, you are doing something about it. You are revealing the presence of God.” 
Yep. Good job everyone. Drinks are on me.
As part of the same set of remarks, but outside of the context of gun violence, the Wisconsin congressman added, “It says a lot about our country that people of both parties – and all faiths – will drop everything and pray for their fellow Americans. What it says is, we believe in the dignity of the individual. And that is why prayer should always come first.” 
As for mass shootings, the GOP leader did not elaborate on what should always come second.

Really? No suggestions for real-world action? Are we surprised? Because that, I guess, would be an affront to God.

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