Tuesday, February 23, 2016


I'm pretty sure I've seen every X-files episode, and I watched all the new ones. I'm as able to suspend disbelief as well as anyone, as long as there's a certain internal consistency within the make-believe.

Moreover, working at the VA during my surgical residency, I've seen men with tracheostomies from their throat cancer due to cigarettes, smoking through their stomas.

But this, CSM smoking through his trake while talking normally? Not a thing. Anatomically. It's not a thing. You can talk, you can inhale normally. You inhale through the hole, you can't talk. Not a thing.

That is all. Except for the ending.

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  1. "Internal consistency." It's a fine line.

  2. Haha! There must be more to it. Now, today, I see that a reader's letter to the Herald states, "... and stop stuffing Sid down all our throats." What are the odds?!

    According to Michael Shermer, whose writing I enjoy, I am experiencing patternicity or agenticity. I think I'll go throw some dice now.

  3. What's particularly amusing about that letter, Doc, is the claim of "unsubstantiated claims." Translation: stuff I don't like reading because it threatens the bubble machine. In fact, when I was providing URLs to substantiating sources, I was criticized for, I guess, providing links to substantiating sources. I don't make stuff up. I think that's something I can safely say. Too bad those letters don't come with an email address; although in some cases I've looked up postal addresses and sent gentle letters.

  4. I think that's great that you've reached out to those who find your column so disagreeable that they are compelled to appeal to the Herald's editorial staff. I suspect that most who have engaged with you have done so honestly and with a softer tone than in their letters. I'm sure that those have been some interesting conversations.

  5. Part one...

    There's alot going on there..."Main Stream Media" AKA: All but FOX 'news' is a lie.

    You got your "poorly educated" as Trump says. Trump has the HS diploma or less vote by a wide margin. The Dems. is the opposite. Dems. get the college diploma votes by a wide margin. In other words? Trump knows who's ass to kiss. "The poorly educated".

    Then there's your average political hack down the street who is misinformed and misguided. Constantly defending the defenseless in an attempt to do what? Convince me that Trump can murder someone and raise his poll numbers? Denigrating women is going to win Trump the White House??? Convince me that a muti billionaire living in a literal golden palace is like you and me? That Trump is some sort of selfless patriot wanting to do nothing more than serve the masses?.

    Chyaaa, yeah Righhhhht, just because the hack is convinced and has convinced the gullible does not mean anything that comes out their mouth is true. Especially in the face of over whelming data and common sense. The hack will never admit to changing their opinion, nor will their cult members. To admit they were wrong would make the entire house of cards collapse instantly. For example...Would any of these "family values" right wing fake evangelists(and real ones) praise their child for acting like Trump??? Your daughter brings home her fiance, Trump.

    Ya ever notice the political cartoons? The right wing characters are always stereotypical southern types. IE: Mossy Oak is for duck hunting. It is not a fashion statement, unless you are Sgt. Slaughter or in the military, you should not wear camo as a fashion statement. Also, wanna know who owns a gun and who doesn't??? The gun owner down south wears camo all the time. Every damn one of em' and a ginormous percentage elsewhere in America.

    It's evangelicals swearing that more guns will "make America great again". That "America is too politically correct." Yet "if everyone had a gun it'd be a more polite society."

    How friggin' dumb is that? It takes a special kinda stupid to believe that. I'll take it one further. If I didn't have a gun and the other guy did? I'd be polite I assure you. So I guess if every other person had a gun it'd be "a polite society" who's completely fed up with "political correctness".

  6. Part two...

    I've heard this dozens of times from T-sciples "Trump says what people really think but can't say it." Is that possibly because society would look at you like you are a truck pull short of a six pack? Is it because you really really really wanna say "Nigger" to the black POTUS???

    Then there's the garden variety hack who shuts down discussion by trolling comment sections. It's all they do all day long. They work for whomever or do it willingly, but they do it none the less. Raise your hand if you've ever seen liberals/Dems. troll comment sections??? Uhuh...I see only the hands of the "Poorly educated" camo wearin', gun totin', gravy sweatin', right to workin', racin' to the bottom Tea Party Republicans.

    It's all about the Bible and the Constitution. About rule of law. Yet, blocking a SCOTUS and many lower court appointments is okie dokey. The notion that this country was founded on the Bible and that's what has made America great and continue to make it great. They say Obama doesn't know squat about Constitutional law and argue insanely against the actual Constitution and law in general.

    How easily the same people say our basic needs as Americans are somehow unattainable? No healthcare unless it's for profit. No education unless it's for profit. On and on and on and on and on...Nevermind that's it's all been done successfully before.

    All of this is supposed to make America great again???

    Silicon Valley owns the government. Wanna know how Silicon Valley became a thing? The first computer elective in the nation and wait for it, wait for it..FREE EDUCATION! You could go to Cal Berkeley for free and become a computer science major. You could really start a company in your garage and create the company Apple. You say that ain't so? Well, I was there. Jobs and Wozniak went to the same JHS and HS I did...10 years earlier. Then slowly but surly, for profit college came back. The computer course and free college education was but a dream 10 years later. All of the people I know, almost everyone became a "tech" something. Inventing, manufacturing, sales etc...etc...The people that entered the education system when I did, almost to a person never really made it to the valley. There's a class gap of enormous proportions to this day.

    Health care and education should be a right. Period. There's no in between. Remember, I was there.

    Even if you think the 'liberals' ruined the country, how is all the Tea Billy crap going to fix it???

    My more than a hunch is we'll never find out because the T-nuts couldn't win a beauty contest in a pig sty. The American voting public would never tolerate that kind of America. Recognize, the T-Sneeches walloped the Dems. in 2010 and 2014. Yet that damn Kenyon 'mooslimb' was elected TWICE.

    The rational or Wiley-er conservatives can take their party back. But they need to wise up first. I don't see that anywhere in the John Birch Soci...I mean Tea Party. They are quadrupling+ down on all the idiotic plans that failed. 50+ Obamacare killing bills? C'mon man...There's no other word to explain it all other than "stupid". It is what it is man, nobody has to like it or feel offended. If my little rant here ruffled any Tea Party Republicans (note: Tea Party comes before republicans)? I guess you'd prefer more political correctness? If Trump doesn't offend you? Then try to convince me my little rant is over the top? HELLO!? Do the Tpubs even care about their short comings? It appears as if they do not care one bit as long as they can get what they want.. Does anyone see a pattern here?

    I see tons of hands, That's a relief!

    I am not "anti conservative" I am anti stupid ideas. I was a Reagan democrat, twice. Clinton Republican, twice. I have voted party line pretty much since then. The party left me, I didn't leave it.


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