Monday, February 29, 2016

Watch This!

Everyone thinking of voting for him should. If they did, would it matter? Most of it, after all, has been known. It's just that you have to get your news from places other than, well, you know...


  1. Thanks for that. What a revolting man Trump is! I'd sure like to see some commercials made using selected excerpts from Oliver's performance.

    One of the things that I find so infuriating is how he responds to factual challenges, always denying or claiming ignorance: "I don't know. I just don't know about that." It's just a cheap negotiating tactic. Everything is a negotiation with him. We can't trust a single thing that he says.

    Regarding the recent news about his 3rd/4th grade language, my special ed teacher wife said, "I'll bet that he has some level of learning disability. His sentences are so short and simple, and he speaks in fragments and doesn't finish sentences. He can't stay on topic."

    And this is the man so many Americans see as eminently qualified to sit in the Oval Office. We're in deep trouble.

  2. This is being shared all over Facebook today, including by me. Unfortunately the only ones sharing and appreciating already think he's despicable. There will be no convincing the uninformed, uneducated clingers to the myth being spun. It's appalling. DW

  3. He lies so effortlessly he either doesn't care or has gotten away from it for so long that he just accepts it as a way of life. Like eating. Or divorcing. He denies saying stuff he just said. He's a classic narcissist, and a would-be despot. It's like a crappy novel, a guy like that ascending. That so many people buy it speaks to the effectiveness of the concerted decades-long efforts of the right wing to endumb enough voters to get their way; to create a mass of people who prefer not to inquire about anything.

    Yep. If were once exceptional and lost it, we're exceptionally stupid now. So yea.

  4. Dunning–Kruger effect...

    "Never underestimate the person who overestimates themselves"

  5. Trump is a classic example of a leader or manager with a colossal ego that drumpfs - no - dwarfs his laughably meager competencies. One obvious clue is his constant claim that "We're going to hire the best people!"

    He doesn't know how to do anything himself. He doesn't know how to lead or manage. So he has to resort to finding others to do what he can't. But all that he really knows how to do is to threaten and fire people. And the track record of his failed business ventures are evidence that 1) he doesn't hire the best people and/or doesn't listen to them and 2) he doesn't recognize when his ventures are turning to crap.

    Imagine how demeaning it would be to be a highly educated, intelligent, and competent member of his staff or the national security council and, thanks to Trump's massive ego, be lectured by a disagreeing Donald the Limited.

  6. Anyone wanna bet me that this year? A couple Tpubs will endorse Hillary?

    Remember when the GOP and Dems. swapped platforms or whatever. The party of Lincoln in name only. Reagan is turning in his grave.

  7. I read something today that claimed Mitch McConnell is considering recommending voting for Hillary if Drumpf is the nominee, and concentrate on retaining the Senate. Don't know if it's true. I have one right-wing friend who can't stand Hillary, so if it's The Donald he'll not vote at all.

  8. With NPR in the background today while working on a project, I thought I heard a Republican who was being interviewed. That would be background noise for me but I'm pretty sure that he was asked about the prospect of a Trump vs. Clinton election. He admitted that some Republican voters have said that they'll stay home or even vote for Clinton. If that's true, then a reluctant McConnell recommendation for Clinton would seal the deal.

    I haven't yet posed the Trump-Clinton conundrum to my Republican-voting brothers and mother. I'm really looking forward to poking at them to see if they'll budge. It would be really difficult for the to abandon "the team".

  9. They reason I ponder it is this...

    Mitch McConnells' blow up play thing, AKA: Paul Ryan, tipped their hand. OK...He layed the cards on the table. Donald J. Trump will never be POTUS.

    I didn't hear any really intelligent people on NPR before pondering. It was just Paul Ryan.

    I think NPR and your conservative friends are dead on. It's the obvious mood of the electorate and the only last resort.

    The left would never let Hitler be POTUS. The same goes for the right. Just like Sharia ain't gonna fly, and no, I don't care what the friendly people of Stone Mountain Georgia say either.

    Becoming appealing to racists to win the south. Yeah, that's brilliant. The south ain't changed much since the 1500's. The good 'ol boys still run things and don't anyone think they don't. I assure everyone, they do run things in the south. Everywhere really...It's just the south happens to be crawling with racists...and that's a deal breaker, not a "game changer" so says I.

    Can we all agree to never say "Game Changer" again? It's got to the point of out of control. Don't believe me? The new Chalupa "is a game changer". I rest my case.

  10. Well, then what are you gonna call the guy who pops "Grand Theft Auto" out of the console and puts in "Minecraft?"

    As to the rest, it's gonna be really interesting to see what happens if Drumpf goes to the convention having won the primaries; lots of talk of a "brokered" convention, or worse. The Donald storming out and going rogue. You can't say they don't have it coming.

  11. Ya know what scares me?

    That oversized Oompa Loompa is training his crowds to assault protesters and the crowds are assaulting protesters on command now. Secret service choke slams etc. Agent Orange (secret service code name) is grooming his supporters to do his bidding on command.

    What happens when they railroad Donald "I don't have any 'short comings'" Drumpf at the convention?

    They sweep the conventions, but anything not nailed down is a weapon of opportunity.

    If all Hell breaks loose the Secret Service protects the candidate and the mob keeps on mobbing. Would you want to be a black lady in that crowd? Gawd help ya if you are Mexican and a "mooselimb" is risking her life.

    People talk about all kinds of spoilers. I say John Kasich is the easiest candidate to ram down the red teams throats at the last minute. Everyone else is 'non-presidential'.

    There's no good outcome. Does that guarantee a riot at the Tpub convention?

    The fact a riot is even plausible says alot about the Tpubs as a party.

    Drumpf is the human Chinese Finger Torture. The harder you struggle, the worse it gets. Drumpf is bulletproof. Ain't nobody stopping him.

  12. He took some pretty good hits in tonight's debate. Seems Fox has had it with him. It'll be interesting to see if polls change after the latest debacle. (I tried to watch but had to bail after 15 minutes. It was making me ill. But I've seen some clips of what I missed. What an embarrassment they are.)


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