Friday, January 20, 2017

I Felt It, Too.


  1. OMG...He scared the crap out of anyone and everyone his fir 30 minutes as POTUS. "Carnage"? "Tombstones"? How does this guy make it two years w/o being impeached?

    Mine as well get the information from Satans own mouth...

    That's gonna unite everyone. Everyone in the basket anyway.

  2. Yeah, those "Lock her up" people are the ones Trump wants to return the country to.

  3. I also noticed Melania has nothing to say at the "Freedom Ball".

    She prolly wasn't allowed to say anything.

    Nobody showed up to his swearing in. The bleachers in front of the W.H. was 1/2 empty! It's surfaced that Drumpf paid extras $50 a person to cheer for him and hold signs at his announcement to run at the Dump Tower.


  4. OMG! He is at the Armed Services Ball.

    His speech was frightening and the cake cutting was a fitting way to end the ball kicking off the 3rd Reich.

    Remember Saddam Hussein and that little boy? The boy was terrified.

    Drumpf had some Army Calvary unit (forced to read) prepared statements RE: "congo rats" to the Drumpf in Chief winning. While Drumpf gloats in it (swamp). Black soldiers, one was a chick I think. But it reeked of Nazi Germany. Now Drumpf is perving on some air force chick. OMG...It's a swingers party. Melania perving on a flyboy too! I don't even know what to say about what I just witnessed.

    I am wondering how we will ever survive this guy.

    Armed Services Ball was uncomfortable at best. I am glad I am too old to be an active Marine today. Terrifying.

  5. Don't know whether to praise you for being able to stand watching, or worry for your mental health that you're doing it.


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