Sunday, January 22, 2017

Scream, Or Your Head Will Explode

Swear to God: if anyone can watch the video of Kellyanne Conway, this planet's most gifted and unrepentant bullshitter, in this link and not scream or throw something or, at least, feel disgust, horror, and fear for the future, they don't deserve to live. Or vote, anyway.

[Image source]


  1. I read the transcript in the WaPo. No way will I watch her. She's amazing. What a wasted talent that has sold her soul. I hope the press collectively grows a backbone and refuses to allow the lies to go unchallenged.


  3. The easiest prediction ever. (Also, here's an easier link to it:

  4. Did y'all see todays press conference?

    I got one word to describe it.

    "Damage control"...(I know, but Drumpf and Rick Perry think it's one word)

  5. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to watch Spicer's press conferences or Trump's speeches. If so, it's gonna take a while.

  6. The book burning parties have begun...This is frightening.


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