Monday, January 23, 2017

The Brave And The Bullshit

The brave ones are the women marching, faces uncovered, banners held high. Peaceful, enthusiastic, determined, saying "Look at me, look at us, here we are. Listen." Telling their employers, employees, patients, clients, families, everyone, they're willing to, want to, be seen. Have something important and valuable to say.

The cowardly and stupid ones are dressed in black, faces covered, lighting fires, running up to windows and smashing them and going off to hide in the crowd, like kids who put burning bags of dog shit on a porch, ring the doorbell, and run away.

I don't know who they are, what they think they're accomplishing, what message they're sending. For that matter I don't know whose side they're on, if any. But I hate them for making it easier for Trumpists to ignore the meaning of the rallies, to pretend that what they did is the message, not the voices of the marchers in protest. Perhaps that was, in fact, exactly their intention. Happily, they stayed away from the Women's March. Afraid their mothers would see them, maybe.

But they're there, somewhere. Burning garbage cans, looting, breaking windows, hiding. Wherever there are good people, committed, brave people (braver, still, in these times), so are there these self-described but delusional anarchists, who are, at best, nothing more than idiots, pretending to be something they most decidedly are not, afraid to take an actual stand, and be seen.

In this era of fake news as subterfuge and distraction, following false stories of "liberal" protesters being paid to disrupt, who can say these destructive assholes aren't, in fact, organized by Trump supporters, to discredit the waves of protest around the country? I find it entirely possible, with worse to come. On the other hand, such people as these have always been around, as they were here in Seattle during the WTO protests which turned into riots. Deliberate or not, on the "right" side or not, the only thing they achieve is damage.

Whoever they were in D.C. during the inauguration, they're the equivalent of a Trump tweet: superficial, simple, nasty, accomplishing nothing positive.

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  1. Sid, I'm with you, but the sad truth is sometimes it works. The Weimar Republic in Germany, Kerensky's government in Russia before being overthrown by the Bosheviks, the Arab Spring uprisings that led to extremists, to name but three. I don't see it working here, but there is something about a large protest that draws those without popular support to try to take it over.


  2. Scott Walker approved, Koch purchased.

    There was 3 times the people (mostly all women) at the rally than Drumpfs Incineration the day before.

    The cops of NY said they'd never seen such a peaceful rally, ever. People around the world rallied too. Antarctica rallied!

    Then "Alternate Facts" is pulled out of the hat to explain crowd size. To explain why nobody performed or attended Drumpfs' white power rally.

    I said it when he won, "Us white guys are always screwing it up. war, racism, murder, the environment, greed...Guys have a long history of screwing things up beyond repair. What's the girls excuse?"

    The girls didn't show up. Simple as that. They didn't bother to vote in the numbers they could have easily met. If the girls were this fired up and organised like they are now, Clinton would be POTUS.

  3. The alternate facts are...

    The reason why there were so many people at the womens march is because the Drumpf incineration crowd came back the second day to protest the womens rally. So everyone w/o a pink hat is actual Drumpf supporters who are protesting the womens rally.

    Those boys starting fires and breaking windows are Mexican women with mustaches.

  4. What they are is outlaws.
    And outlaws need to be reeled in. All outlaws.
    No need to put them into any group. They are their own group.

  5. It's a blizzard. The first 100 hours.

    People were talking '1st day' or '1st 100 days'...Naw...First 100 hours, just like every other Tpub dominated AKA "The rundown states of America." Just like Wisconsin. The Dems. actually left the state to prevent the Tpubs (Koch brothers etc.) from destroying everything. Destroy everything....Everything in the most littoral sense. Everything. Ask The Dakota/Oklahoma how that fracking thing is working out.

    They are already censoring speech. Taking down websites and web postings from government websites. Book burning for lack of a better way to sum it up.

    I understand common courtesy and all that jazz. But the man is a liar. The Tpubs are all liars or accomplices. I don't want to hear about "The Dems do it too". That is total bullshit. It's not even close. The Tpubs only purpose is to privatize everything to a 'sophisticated' investor exclusively. Should that free beer party fail? Socialize the losses, second verse same as the first.

    The Tpubs and their supporters are shameless. They are nothing more than useful idiots at this point, well intended or not. It spills over on the most sincere. The Tpubs are going to create terrorism. Nothing makes money like the defense department. It's like 10 to 1 contractors to troop. It takes 10 people to support one pair of boots on the ground.

    Now give Drumpf more money (blank check) and add more 8 battalions of Marines to the mix. Marines are the POTUS' private army. No permission needed. "Maybe we'll get another chance at the oil." says Drumpf. Drumpf supporters LOVE that idea. "Enhanced interrogation?" LOVE IT!

    Women in combat roles? NOOOOO! The men won't be able to contain themselves. We must keep those pussies home for the civilians (famous stars/POTUS) to assault. Say the proud Tpub voters who support a liar!

    I like that the 'news' agencies are changing gears. Instead of taking talking points as fact. As the final say, only solution etc. and moving to the next question...MAKE them answer the question. That's how we got the term "Alternative facts". Chuck Todd would not accept a non-answer from Kelly Conway. If the entire 15 minute segment is asking one question over and over till you get an answer or time runs out. After a decade of being stupid. The press asks why is the "law and order POTUS" not investigating the 3-5 million "illegals" that voted. If he spent 5 years on Obamas birth certificate. But not a nano second investigating Drumpfs and the Tpubs decade long obsession with 'voter fraud' millions of fraudulent voters who are illegally in this country over and over and over. All because Drumpfs ego won't let him forget he lost the popular vote by 2.75 million votes. That whole lie and sending out Paul Joseph Goebbels to say "Biggest exaggeration ever PERIOD." when questioned about the meager crowd numbers attending the incineration. I was disappointed the Don King didn't show up. Photobombing the swearing in. We could have used Clint Eastwood. There was a lot of empty chairs and empty souls to talk to.

  6. It's been like this at least since the Battle for Seattle. Anywhere good people protest peacefully, these "anarchists" show up to smash and burn things. I think they are just juvenile jackasses who enjoy destroying things and look for any excuse.


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