Saturday, January 7, 2017

Who's Stupid?

So our next president informs us that anyone who doesn't want better relations with Russia is stupid. Well, sure, who doesn't agree we should all just get along, right?

Of course, it depends a little on the intentions of those with whom we're told to get along, and in what way we choose to do it. Or so it'd seem to me. I could be stupid, though.

Anyhow, until we know a little more about why Russia was so anxious to see Trump become president, and why Trump and his basket of horribles are so intent on convincing us it's no big deal, I'm gonna look at his position as the Kent Brockman approach to possible threats.

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  1. I can remember when Bart Simpson was the end of civility among children. Poisoning their minds.

    Now? It's one of the smartest shows on TV.

    I was just out of the corps at the time (1988). It really was my first time as an adult, with a job, living on my own.

    Here were my conclusions, and are still holding true today.

    1: People are pretty ignorant and the 'well rounded' humans are few and far between.

    2: A cartoon is not a sign that society is crumbling. If it was so? "Adult Swim" would have ended society as we know it years ago. (me personally? It's the shitty knock off cartoons that will trigger the end).

    3: "Man!!!...these Californians take their smoothies and recycling to fanatical levels!"

    4: People pretty much believe everything they hear, and especially believe when they hear and see information/data. None of them would admit, or even be aware of that fact that it's BS. Millions of people do believe in BS my 14 year old daughter laughs at and dismisses.


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