Friday, March 17, 2017


Really, it's un-fking-believable. We have a president, reportedly the most powerful person on the planet and surrounds, who listens to "Fox and Friends" as they trot out the latest conspiracy from their latest conspiracy monger, believes it, tweets it out as gospel, and lets the chips fall where they may.

It's hard to talk about it without sputtering, to think about it without developing what feels like temporal arteritis. Donald J. Trump is such a fucking idiot, so stupid, so gullible, credulous, lazy, and just plain nuts that that's where he gets his intelligence info. He watches a klatch of people whose combined IQ appears to be equal to the body temperature of someone pulled out of an avalanche too late; hears words being formed and believes them unquestioningly. And, when the falsity is confirmed, digs in deeper. Foreign policy!

This is the "president" of the United States. The guy, as they say, with the nuclear codes. (By rule, if he orders a launch it's illegal to refuse or question it. They fly.) He gets his information from a TV show. But, you know, everything else is fake.

I can't even.

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  1. Nor can I. Every day a new outrage; a new level of dismay, embarrassment and disbelief.

    Glad to see you weren't on the chopping block at the Herald, critics be damned. I think you have a following there and at least some write in to say so. Keep up the good work, Sid. dw

  2. Thanks, Donna. One reason they didn't chop me might be that I've never sent in the forms to be paid.

  3. I can't even, too!! Every day brings an angrier, more incredulous mood that gets worse with every hour and every revelation. Long gone for me is the hope or even illusion that there are any good people on his staff or primary appointments who might have limited the damage. Good people have standards. They don't quit what they're doing to go work for such a worthless example of humanity.

    Thank you for your weekly donation to the Herald, Sid.

  4. Drumpf has figured out that the POTUS gig is alot of work and that if anything goes wrong, he gets the blame. He is a little bitch on camera and he doesn't seem to like the media coverage as much as before. He won't even shake our allied leaders hand. On the other hand, Drumpf is tongue kissing Putin.

    The funny part is that Drumpf is "draining the swamp". Drumpf and his crooked friends are going to land in prison. Had these people stayed scattered, they'd be hard to pin down. But they are all in one spot. The Drumpf administration.

    I guess Drumpf "extreme vetting" has backfired "big league"...Drumpf clearly didn't "Extreme vetting" his own people. Do you think a traitor is on the SCOTUS? It's possible.

    The Drumpf voters will still be gullible. FOX 'news' will still be "Fair and Balanced". The only place to get the truth.

    The truth is, left of center is winning. It just doesn't look like it at the moment. The swamp is slowly draining.

  5. Thanks Sid.

    Tick Tock... it's coming.


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