Friday, March 10, 2017

It's Happening

It took comparatively little time, although more than I thought: we're now seeing, italicized and bolded, the problem with electing a president who's incurious, ill-informed, and doesn't care to make the effort to change it; who possesses the vocabulary of a toddler; who's always gotten away with lies instead of explanations; who appears to believe that words become true as they exit his larynx and approach his lips. Who believes his own bullshit about how brilliant and knowledgeable he is. And who's clearly mentally unstable.

They're shutting him down: no appearances where he might be called upon to address complicated stuff, like the stillborn healthcare plan, or his dissociative accusations about our last actual president, or leaks of alleged CIA spy techniques, among other things that aren't easily lied away, or for which "beautiful" and "disaster" and "sad" don't really suffice as descriptions, much less explanations.

Donald Trump isn't equipped to deal with such things, nor was he ever; and his staff knows it. He hasn't the vocabulary, the intellect, or, maybe most important, the desire to spend time learning. For his entire career he's been able to bullshit and bully his way through. Do whatever he wanted, let the lawyers and accountants deal with the damage. Come out scot-free from the economic carnage left in his wake.

It's inconceivable that the people around him didn't know it well before the election: it's characterized his entire life. Maybe they assumed he could fake it, as usual, or that Steve Bannon could handle it. Or that sticking to friendly news sources and sycophantic "reporters" would save him from himself. Maybe they believed, because there's a hard core of people who'll never turn away from him (roughly the same number who believe Earth is flat, the moon landing was faked, and chemtrails are part of a plot), that even if some supporters began to see through him and begin to worry, to regret their votes, it wouldn't matter.

What's been obvious from before the start, to anyone willing to look, is now becoming undeniable to many of his former apologists: Donald Trump is mentally unstable and temperamentally and intellectually ill-equipped to handle the requirements of the presidency. He strikes out at perceived enemies, sees plots behind his back, produces word salads that make Sarah Palin seem almost literate. (Okay, no.) He lies about all things great and small.

If it ever was, this is no longer cause for amusement or schadenfreude; it's too important, too scary. If people near to him, or people of his party in Congress, don't care enough for our country to figure out how to get him to resign, they should put him out of his misery and impeach him. What do they have to lose, except the public trust for having excused him for so long? They'll get Mike Pence.

Because a guy like Trump, when his faux sense of control is lost, when his fragile ego takes too many hits for him to handle, when he begins to recognize that tweets and lies and puffery don't solve problems as big as these, well, he's headed for a meltdown of which there are no prior examples. Not in the White House, anyway.

For his sake and ours, "they" (meaning people with the power and influence) need to step in damn soon. Maybe he'll listen to Ivanka. Or maybe Steve Doocey can take his tongue out of Trump's ass and speak truth to power. (Okay, not him.) There must be someone on that side of the fence with a remnant of integrity. Can't think of any, but surely...

Oh, but The Donald still plans to hold another campaign rally next week, in Tennessee. Because he'll only have to strut and bask. And maybe that's the best his people can do: let him hold rallies every week and keep him the fuck out of the Oval Office. It'd be nice to know who'd become de facto president, of course. None of the possibilities is very reassuring.

But if they're evil and despicable, they're not, far as I can tell, so dangerous that they might do something sudden and irreversible. Except Bannon, maybe. And Pence. And Sessions.

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  1. Every day I wish and hope that the tunnel is short and that there will be light found at its conclusion. I know that it's far too early to be asking this question, but it's one that I keep thinking about. How do we prevent this from happening again?

    We used to watch Rachel off and on when we could catch her, but now we're glued to her every revelation and analysis. It's not good for settling down and sleep coming easily.

  2. Glenn Beck...No no no no no....!!!!


    Sorry...Was getting carried away there...But Boehner is your ambassador to deliver the message. "Get out on your terms while you are on top. Like Marshawn Lynch."

    DooooD! The Pope! Pope tells Drumpf to resign. Then Drumpf attacks Pope for days via Twitter rallies. Nominate Oprah to run against all comers.

    We'll call it "Operation Poprah 2020".

    I would suggest glancing at the first segment of Chris Hayes (tonight). Imagine an angry nerd saying what you are saying, only it's on MSNBC for the world to digest. He was genuinely pissed off and Chris Hayes is a pretty calm guy. It was brilliant.

    OH! I was watching the Press Brief w/Spicer this morning. Every question was about wire taps and Russian connections. The wire tap 'dance' Spicer was doing caused the question to be asked over and over by a 1/2 dozen different reporters for like 10 minutes. So I forget who asks about the wire taps for the 6th time in a row. Spicer says "Don't make me move this podium!" The whole place was dying laughing. Do you know how many hours of press briefing one must watch to see a moment like that? Enough to contemplate going to therapy.

    So I had an idea...

    The wealth disparity and poor health due to poverty is impeding my right to pursue happiness as is my God given right protected by the Constitution.
    (I only believe in God when it suits me. Then it's back to being me. Destined to burn in an imaginary Hell).

    The over/under is 200 days.

  3. As John Oliver might say, "Tick Tock Mother F***er". I suppose we must go through Trumph to get where we are going. Everyday makes us one day closer to that end. Tick Tock.

  4. LOL! I love that one. John Oliver has some epic Drumpf takedowns.

    "I suppose we must go through Trumph to get where we are going."

    "Go through Trumph to get to Triumph." There was more juice in the

    I wonder what it feels like everyday, knowing, you are going to jail for a long time and be labeled "worst POTUS EVAR!" for a millenia. It's gotta be killin' him.


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