Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Speech That Was A Speech

I can't stand to see his face as words are coming out of it, so I didn't watch. Read about it. His writers seem to have provided words which, if not in his personal lexicon, were pronounceable, and it appears he stuck to them. So the networks are giving him props for that. A speech that was very like a speech people give when they give speeches. The bar was low, on the ground actually, and he stepped over it without turning his ankle.

I assume we all agree it'll be great when he ends crime, and when, following his example of inclusion and grace, all the factions in this country, including the ones desecrating mosques and Jewish cemeteries, cum together.

I did see video of the wife of the Navy Seal who died for Trump's ego, sobbing uncontrollably. Had she been among Democrats, someone would have tried to comfort her. But that would have ruined the optics, I guess.

I await his beautiful plans. Give peace a chance. After making more nukes.

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  1. Hi Sid,

    The Joint Chiefs (too) Seem to have noticed her reaction to being used by trump!


  2. Like the man said, it made my skin crawl.

    Also, nice to be hearing from you again, Eugene.

  3. After the applause...Drumpf said "I think we broke a record"...He's such an asshole.

    The trillion dollar infrastructure plan is Obamas AJA

    "The American Jobs Act (S. 1549) (H. Doc. 112-53)[1] and (H.R. 12)[2] is the informal name for a pair of bills proposed by U.S. President Barack Obama in a nationally televised address[3] to a joint session of Congress on September 8, 2011.[4] He characterized the proposal as a collection of non-controversial measures designed to get Americans back to work, and he repeatedly urged Congress to pass it "right away"; he also said that the bills would not add to the national deficit and would be fully paid for.[5]"

    The Tpubs are the party of no...Obamas policies will bankrupt us!...The Tpubs now call it theirs and are all excited to tell everyone about their grand plan.

    Stolen SCOTUS, Stolen policies, stolen everything!

    It's the same crap the Tpubs have spewed for decades. Give the wealthy your money and they might hire you. They might not move jobs out of state or country.

    How about everyone give me your money. I promise 100,000,000,000 jobs that I will create! I promise I won't bury your cash in the Cayman Islands. I promise!

    People are friggin stupid and it spills over on us all.

  4. Totally right. Infrastructure spending, now considered by the party of no. Amazing.

  5. The Russia scandal seems to becoming more serious. Thanks to Obama there is little chance that Trump will be able to find and destroy any evidence:

    "In the Obama administration’s last days, some White House officials scrambled to spread information about Russian efforts to undermine the presidential election — and about possible contacts between associates of President-elect Donald J. Trump and Russians — across the government."

  6. I saw that, too, and was glad. Trump, no doubt, will say it shows Obama's trying to undermine him, Fox will repeat it, and Trumpists will go on going on with it.

  7. Every time I see a picture of Lord Dampnut, I'm reminded all over again that he's our first Chuwero president.


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