Friday, October 9, 2020

Trump, Pence, And The Right To Choose

Said the person hanging from a fly's belly during this week's VP debate, "President Trump and I trust the American people to make choices in the best interests of their health."

Well, then, why not the same regarding a woman's right to choose what's in the best interests of her reproductive health? Because there's another human life involved? But aren't other human lives involved in a person's choice not to wear a mask? Lives of fully-formed people, the timing of whose "personhood" isn't subject to question, scientific, religious, or otherwise? 

In other words, what Pence said (and to which, inexplicably, God didn't respond with a lightning bolt to his wizened heart) was a load of hypocritical bullshit. Which, admittedly, is entirely on-brand.

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  1. The only problem with the "Reproductive Health" argument is that the correct decision would have been to not have sex, and/or be protected while having sex, for which there are many medically approved methods easily known of. To take care of "the problem" afterwards imposes great difficulties on so many people that one wonders what, if any, method will ever be done by those who have no concern for their bodies such that they get "accidently" pregnant.
    But then, this is an amazingly tiresome subject, and even more tiresome of an argument. Simply put, too many women don't manage their "Reproductive Health" such that a doctor must deal with their bad decisions after the fact. Bill Clinton had it correct, "Abortion should be legal, and rare".
    The context of this, realize, is that 60% of abortions are to women who have already had a baby, and/or, already had an abortion. What does it take to learn these things?
    I also think Bill Clinton had it correct with "Don't ask, don't tell". But then, that's another firestorm of a "discussion" that needlessly paralyzes our country. "We" waste so much time in stupidity to where I think stupidity is normal for our society.
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment. It's fun!

    1. I'll refrain from pointing out that by far the most abortions, by medical definition, occur spontaneously. Nor will I speculate that if God is in control then He's the most prolific abortionist of all time.

      And I won't wonder if spontaneous vs induced aborta are triaged differently with respect to final celestial destination. If so, that'd be blaming the innocent. If not, then what's the big deal?

      And I'll avoid mentioning that the antibody cocktail Trump received and is touting as a "cure" originally derived from the tissues of aborted fetuses. We await hearing from Trump's evangelicals on that.

    2. Interesting. I have plenty of Christian friends who take the argument to religion, but, I know Scripture well myself, and there is less written about that than they might think. But most do the "Thou shalt not kill" thing, which is hard to contest, of course. This while some even hoard enough riches and bling to feed the world if we didn't (I'm part of that mess, too, sigh).
      But my concern is not there so much, rather, it's in the incredible effort, pain, and energy we spend as a species arguing against each other over that which is never solved. So, I simply point out (i)facts(/i), some inconvenient of course. (i.e. 60% are NOT education issues, 47% worse than that, ugh!)
      I like the "God is in control" speculation, since that poses that God is taking the life, not even the abortionist! hmmmm...
      Still, we could progress on so many things if we didn't waste time arguing so much.
      I'd like to vote for Bill Clinton again, frankly.
      Perhaps Gore, too. When I get contemplative, I can't help wonder if we hadn't voted "businessman" Bush (#2, which rhymes with (bird)?) into office we wouldn't be in most of the mess we're in now. The orange-haired one would have been laughed at, but then, I'm a swing-of-the-pendulum thinker on American Presidents. There doesn't seem to be any middle ground. Too much momentum and inertia (i.e. dead-weight).

    3. (not trying to drive you nuts) I searched on the subject in another vain effort to reconcile something, and found the following which is the best I've ever read to date on the subject:
      The writer had me when he wrote objectively, and referred to Scriptures that I know and have tried to relate to friends. There is no shorter conversation with some when I appear to take sides with Pres. Clinton. If only people would actually read the Book, things would be much clearer.

  2. If abortions are made illegal, what penalty should the violation impose?

    1. Well, I'd say, since it'll be the party of Trump that does it, the penalties should be the same as they've imposed on him for violating the Hatch act, the emoluments clause, and lying to Congress.

  3. Carlin always nails it (still). For some folks anyway.


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