Thursday, April 29, 2021

Bad To Worse

Peter Wehner, formerly of Hanford High and U-Dub, who worked for Reagan and both Bushes and a couple of conservative think-tanks as well as Christian foundations, shared his thoughts in an Atlantic piece titled “The GOP is a Grave Threat to American Democracy.

“Having alienated college-educated suburban voters,” he wrote, “many consequential Republicans decided their best bet is to keep their contracting coalition in a state of constant agitation and fear, combatants in a never-ending culture war… And that, in turn, requires them to feed the base even greater falsehoods.” 

Post-truth; post-democracy; post-community. Anyone who thought Republicans might turn toward sanity after the anti-constitutional, violent exit of Trump has been shown a fool. They have, in fact, gotten worse, bottom to top. 

Scraping the bottom of the bottom, the lower Tucker Carlson goes, the higher he rises in the estimation of Trumpists. Masks, he has discovered, turn us into drones. Also, making kids wear them is child abuse, so call the cops when you see it. It’s immaterial whether he believes his offal or spews it for ratings and income no matter the damage to his viewers’ health (probably the latter). Unlike hydroxychloroquine or drinking bleach, it works great on Trump-drones, perfectly exemplifying what Wehner said. 

Meanwhile, Sean “I need ratings, too” Hannity questioned the science behind vaccines, but refused to say whether he got them. Care to guess? If he didn’t, he’d have said so, bravely. Like Tucker, he knows his listeners are unquestioning and dupable. They count on it. 

Another example: House minority leader Kevin McCarthy is working hard to whitewash Trump and Trumpists out of any involvement in the January Six insurrection, and to sabotage serious inquiry into what happened before, on, and after that day. Why? It’s not mysterious: complicity. 

More: Wafting through rightwing media like smoke from a backyard barbeque is the lie that Biden’s climate plan bans burgers. Debunked repeatedly, it lives on, even in the mouths of Republican governors and Congress-dwellers. As does the one about Kamala Harris’ book being given to migrant children. (The reporter who produced that malarkey resigned from the New York Post, saying she’d been forced to write it.)

They don’t care: once told, their falsehoods, like N. fowleri, burrow into the brains of their softened targets. Retracted or not, they propagate like weeds in manure. Metaphors are for mixing.

Further evidence of unshakably embedded insanity is a private, Trump-mega-donor, anti-vaxxer-funded Florida school firing vaccinated teachers. Because, doncha know, “reports have surfaced” of the unvaccinated being harmed by contact with the vaccinated. A zombie thing, possibly.

Upping the Floridante, spreading red-ily from there, a “Citizen’s Alliance” says teaching children about climate change is “indoctrination” and wants it to stop. Those kids don’t have a chance to become science-literate. Which, one assumes, is the point. It’s all yours, China.

It gets worse: The so-called audit of Arizona presidential ballots is a funded, promoted, and populated Qanon playground. A shady rightwing company name of “Cyber Ninjas,” the outfit doing it initially refused a court order to reveal its methods, saying it’s not obligated to follow federal rules. To “restore trust,” is why Arizona Republicans hired them. 

There’s more. Consider the disingenuous, tiny infrastructure proposal Republicans made in response to President Biden’s plan: even more parsimonious than it appears, it counts money already allocated, unlike Biden’s numbers, which are for new spending. But it allows Rs to pretend they’re the ones bipartisanshipping. Offering five-hundred bucks on a house selling for half a mill, convincing their voters it was a good-faith negotiation.

Then there’s SCOTUS-packer Amy Coney Barrett’s refusal to recuse from a case involving the rightwing firm that helped underwrite the campaign promoting her nomination. “Bottom to top.” Even including that of the previous “president,” corruption gets no higher than that.

Finally, because it needs saying and James Carville just did, let’s acknowledge how some liberals facilitate Trumpists’ cynical propaganda. Like “defund the police,” competing for who’s the most “woke” is perfect fodder for rightwing disinformation. President Biden has approval ratings Trump could only lie about. Unlike Republican “policies,” for lack of a word, Joe’s proposals enjoy broad, bipartisan enthusiasm outside D.C. All Republican leaders have in response is distraction. So stop handing it to them.

It’s really okay to have schools named after Honest Abe and Dianne Feinstein, and for colleges to host unwelcome speakers. We really need police – just not bad ones. And, sometimes, 3 is just three. Let’s concentrate on the doughnut, not the hole. Focus. After four years without it, people are seeing what good government looks like. When not blinded by Republican diversions, they like it. 

And there’s the message.


  1. This is a real FT 'news' headline...I will not post a link...You can google it if you want to give them your click.

    "Joe Biden gets into 'trouble,' spends 30 seconds looking for his mask"
    "Wrapping up an outdoor Georgia rally on Thursday night, a fully vaccinated President Joe Biden spent 30 seconds looking for his mask"

    The death of the GOP on display. How can you take these people serious? There are serious issues to discuss and this is all they got in summery of an entire speech.

  2. Re: my previous comment about our middle school level of political discourse, £ucker carlson certainly fills the role of 7th grade evil class clown.

    (see what I did there :-)

    1. Well teachers pet has to be that thank hole Mansion.
      I'm calling it here. He will do nothing to help the libs gain or retain power. It's ALL about him and his 'career' of being on TV and the collection of NRA money. No SCOTUS, No Statehoods no nothing on filibusters. Not a damn thing on voter suppression. Not a damn thing on anything worth much value. Anything that slithers through will be piecemeal.

      It is what is is...Shithole states with nobody in them feel slighted even though we literally pay for their existence via federal tax dollars.

      No they feel like they are bullied and forgotten etc. Victims to the bone. So when Collins, Mansion or the Gomert's of the world hold up everything, it makes them voters instantly full of themselves and the same idiot gets reelected.

  3. The latest from AZ.

    "Men with badges tried to stop CNN reporter, but they weren't police"

  4. From the Atlantic Article...

    “Broadly speaking, I think that there are a lot of people who are out to take advantage of the fact that people don’t quite know what to think.”

    Sorry, but ignorance is no excuse. Period. People tend to stay forever ignorant and die trying. Think...If 5, 10, 15, 20 years of education doesn't wake you up, nothing will...30, 40, 50 , 60 years and on.

    "But where the GOP is now isn’t where it needs to stay. Any party, at any time, can take strides toward decency, honor, and American ideals. It is never too late to do good. But in the current climate, doing good requires some degree of courage, and sometimes courage is not enough to prevail."\

    When courage fails, character rises to the top.

    See the problem?

  5. seeker of wisdom and truthMay 2, 2021 at 9:56 AM

    Democracy isn't cheap or easy to defend, but it is equitable and fair to every citizen. A regulated economy in a capitalistic system provides a realistic living income for working families.

    Republicans insist on unregulated economic policies that result in unfair income gaps that are dependent on tax breaks for wealthy families.

    The repugs are stoking up fear to oppose Biden's infrastructure investment plans. Their greedy base of Drumpf-nuts are paranoid that working-families threaten their financial security.

    1. "Democracy isn't cheap or easy to defend, but it is equitable and fair to every citizen."

      In theory, perhaps. But as seen in today's America, hardly. In our "democracy," something like 18% of citizens control the majority of Congressional seats; or have, and, likely, will again in 2022. Rs are working tirelessly and successfully to control who votes. And the Constitution, whether or not the founders anticipated it, has locked in a system wherein CA, with 40 million citizens, has the same number of Senate seats as N. Dakota.

      Combine N and S Dakota and you have twice as many votes for fewer total citizens than live in Los Angeles.

      There's never been equity for every citizen, and fairness is all but gone.

      There are democracies that come way closer; those with so-called democratic socialism. Were all of Biden's proposals to become actual, we'd become much closer, too.

    2. What would you do to fix this problem you mention. What would be the plan you would want to correct the Senate seats problem?

    3. For the Senate seats problem, per se, there's nothing that can be done, short of a constitutional amendment. Which, of course, would never happen.

      Same with the Electoral College; except there's a work-around that's gained some traction. Not enough, probably. Namely, states agreeing to give their electoral votes to the winner of the national popular vote.

      And HR1, were it to pass, would go along way to make the House, at least, more representative. As it were.

    4. I'll add to that...

      Just the other day I saw a alt righty jump in front of a bus...

      When the cops showed up, he said he jumped in front of the bus to stop civil rights.
      The cops reminded him to vote every election and sent him on his way with a happy meal.

      The deal is this...

      Your are 100% right. But, I have issues with the things like voter suppression. Police Reforms. Prison reforms. Homelessness. Hunger. Education. Heath care and so on...

      It's clear that the $$$ programs are popular. The alt right is taking credit for shit they didn't vote for and most of them fought against. Some violently.

      As far as "equal" because you have a right to work and that makes us all equal? Am I hearing that right?

    5. I forgot...

      The alt right is preventing progress IE: the melting pot. Specifically statehoods. DC and Puerto Rico should be states.

      The alt right strategy is to turn the clock back 200 years. Also "packing the SCOTUS." That's garbage. We need more justices. Reason being one justice has too much power. 21 justices. That spreads out the power and over time nobody is going to gain much advantage. If one dies, retires, gets sick etc. it doesn't change America fundamentally as politicians ram shit throw into that void of opportunity. Just because of a death.

  6. Case and point...Joe Manchin's Disgusting Lie on D.C. Statehood

  7. Weeks before Election Day, Bruce Bartman mailed his mother's absentee ballot with a check mark next to President Donald Trump's name. The problem was, his mother had been dead since 2008. Bartman, 70, pleaded guilty on Friday to a charge of felony perjury and unlawful voting — and blamed his decision to cast the fraudulent ballot on consuming too many false claims about the election.

  8. For those that are against reconciliation for ramming stuff through congress.
    Liar or stupid?

  9. This pisses me off real bad...

    An active duty Marine was involved in the capitol invasion.

    1. "... First to fight for right and free-ee-dom, and to keep our honor clean..."


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