Wednesday, June 16, 2021

God And Mitch (maybe not in that order)

On Monday, Mitch McConnell unlimbered himself of the following bit of oracular wisdom: "I think it's highly unlikely — in fact, no, I don't think either party, if it were different from the president, would confirm a Supreme Court nominee in the middle of an election." He should know. In a rational world, his picture would appear in every dictionary in every language of every country on Earth, next to their word for “hypocrite.”

I’m told there are differences of opinion on the existence or nature of a creator of this universe; and, if there is such an entity, whether he/she/it/they resemble the God of the Bible or any of the thousand or so other gods and godettes in which people believe around the world. I’m not about to weigh in on the matter; however, there’s one compelling piece of evidence against the Judeo-Christian version: Mitch McConnell has not yet been rendered into ash by a bolt of lightning. Not even as he uttered those words. It’s not dispositive, but it does make a person think.

For Mitch, politics is a zero-sum game. Any lie, any eye-popping example of unabashed hypocrisy, any full reversal of a previous declaration is justified in service of his only goal: preservation of power. What’s best for our country is of no importance. If he has his way – and, with the help of Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema, he most likely will – President Biden and Democrats won’t be able to pass any significant legislation of benefit even to his own constituents. No matter if – or, maybe, especially BECAUSE – a significant majority of Americans want it enacted.

If there’s any philosophical consistency to Mitch’s behavior and that of his party, it’s unwavering commitment to preventing a Democrat-led government from succeeding. In the states, it’s preventing a Democrat-led government from happening at all, no matter by what margin Democrats outnumber Republicans within their borders. Because, generally speaking, what comes from Democrats has always been good for the majority of Americans: child labor laws, workplace safety, health care, Social Security, and, were they to get their way, laws protecting equality of the franchise and rebuilding infrastructure.

The list is longer. Much longer than what Republicans have produced, ever since Saint Ronnie told us government is the problem. Were enough people to come to realize it, and if it came to pass that they understood what Trumpublicanism (even before Trump) has prevented or taken from them, voters would relegate that party to a historical anomaly.

So confident are Mitch and other leading lights the Republican Party of their success in befuddling and distracting their voters that they feel free to demean their greatest enemy: democracy itself. Openly. That's where we are: today’s Republicans, as far from their origins and historical icons as they could possibly be, are actively denouncing democracy while doing everything they can to eliminate its most sacrosanct protector; namely, fair elections.

Too strong? Here’s Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Tweetle-deeing: “Democracy isn't the objective; liberty, peace, and prospefity [sic] are. We want the human condition to flourish. [Really? Then how about some healthcare and anti-climate change legislation? How about helping people in poverty to flourish?] Rank democracy can thwart that.” RANK?? What does that even mean? Functioning? One in which the majority prevails?

Yep. Exactly. We know that because, not long after, along came Tweetle-dumb: “The idea of democracy and majority rule really is what goes against our history and what the country stands for.” Doctor (how embarrassing!) Rand Paul. Is who had that to say. And more: "The Jim Crow laws came out of democracy. That's what you get when a majority ignores the rights of others." It doesn’t get wronger than that. Like the voter suppression laws sprouting in red states like MAGA hats and Q flags, Jim Crow legislation was an attack on democracy, its absolute opposite, springing from fear of – what shall we call them? – RANK elections. Just more obvious and clumsy than modern efforts to protect monotone against a rising and inevitable tide of polychrome.

Much smarter and far more subtle than Trump, and still in power, Mitch McConnell understands the future of his party depends on finding ways to keep the “wrong” people from voting, and to keep “his” people from accepting the results when the majority prevails. He knows his efforts, and those of red state leaders, to disenfranchise citizens who hold the power to run them out of office will eventually find their way to the Supreme Court.

Which makes the reasons for that statement, above, as clear as those patches of empty lawn on the National Mall, January 20, 2017. 



  1. Lumpy just proclaimed the Manchin compromise dead. Why? One reason and one reason only. Stacy Abrams supports it. That's it, that's why.


    A meeting was hosted by the group No Labels, a big money operation co-founded by former Sen. Joe Lieberman that funnels high-net-worth donor money to conservative Democrats and moderate Republicans.

    Manchin told the assembled donors that he needed help flipping a handful of Republicans from no to yes on the January 6 commission in order to strip the “far left” of their best argument against the filibuster. The filibuster is a critical priority for the donors on the call, as it bottles up progressive legislation that would hit their bottom lines.
    When it came to Sen. Roy Blunt, a moderate Missouri Republican who voted no on the commission, Manchin offered a creative solution. “Roy Blunt is a great, just a good friend of mine, a great guy,” Manchin said. “Roy is retiring. If some of you all who might be working with Roy in his next life could tell him, that’d be nice and it’d help our country. That would be very good to get him to change his vote. And we’re going to have another vote on this thing. That’ll give me one more shot at it.”

    Manchin needs to be investigated and a primary challenger. He won't be reelected anyway but...

    1. Roy Blunt was at one time rated the most corrupt senator. And, moderate my ass. It also happens some of his immediate family members are lobbyists. I think Manchin forgets, and most folks fail to recognize and realize, we no longer have a functioning democracy in this country. Need I list the reasons why? Starting with Newt and working towards Itch? It’s blazingly clear.

    2. Yes. I've mentioned Newt more than once as patient zero for the mad cow disease that has come to afflict his party.

      And Manchin is Charlie Brown. Moscow Mitch is Lucy with the football.

    3. I was barking into the wind and preaching to the choir. But Sid, your comment made me laugh for the first time today, thank you... After weeping while reading God and Mitch (doG and Itch).

    4. About 24 hours after Stacey Abrams became the Cult's lightning rod, Beto O'Rourke and Jaime Harrison both stepped in front of the cameras to join her in agreement with the "Manchin Compromises". Maybe the simpletons in the Cult will have more trouble attacking multiple targets.

      FYI, I recently read Sarah Kendzior's book, "Hiding In Plain Sight", which I may have mentioned in comments before. I can't remember and I'm too lazy to go look--sue me! Anyway, it is an excellent read. She is an expert on Authoritarian governments, and has been raising red flags about the Republicans since 2015. She also has an excellent podcast called "Gaslit Nation" on Patreon.

    5. "And, moderate my ass."

      No truer words.

  2. It's a 2 parter...

    WV coal whiners. I wonder if they know that Manchin is screwing them? They seem pretty ignorant. They are defiantly cry babies. SO WHAT??? If you mined coal in the 80's and got lied to that coal was coming back and believed it. Yes, WV is forgotten cuz' they don't do anything. Except sit and pout about coal.

    It's their own dang fault. They shoot themselves in the foot for 50 years what do you expect? They ain't gonna change their ways. They want a permanent handout. They want special treatment cuz they "built 'murca". Well, they've been running "murca" down their entire life. Hard to tell if they built anything really. The one guy brags "We built the world trade center".

    These people got some funny ideas about what is real and not real.

  3. Manchin gets wobbly, in rides Sinema.

    If we can't get a majority America as we know it will be gone forever.


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