Monday, April 20, 2009

On The Other Hand...

If Obama occasionally disappoints, this guy is simply stunning. And he's the friggin' LEADER OF CONGRESSIONAL REPUBLICANS!!!!

First of all, as most people know, cows don't respire out their asses. It's methane, Mr Leader.

Second, to say carbon dioxide can't be harmful because we exhale it is like saying water can't drown people because we drink it.

Also, Mr Bo(eh)ner, you might want to look up the meaning of "carcinogen."

As I said earlier, I have to reconcile myself to the fact that there will always be thirty-percenters out there. But it's sort of hard to take when they're the ones floating at the top of the Republican party.

Like steatorrhea.


Anonymous said...


There are a number of subtances that float to the top; among them cream and scum.

There is a lot more scum, floating upward than there is cream!


Anonymous said...

I am quite certain that the correct pronunciation is "Boner."

It must be, because he is such a dick.

Anonymous said...

Spend alot of time around Cow's Asses Sid??? You're the Expert...
Don't Ask, Don't Smell


P.S. You still haven't said what model Gasoline-Burning Volvo you drive....

Anonymous said...


"Spend alot of time around Cow's Asses Sid??? ... You still haven't said what model Gasoline-Burning Volvo you drive"

Oh so very weak.

On the other hand, I have to admit I was impressed the other day when you mentioned that you paid $93,000 in taxes last year. There must be quite a line outside your stall in the bus station bathroom.

See? That's how it's done.

--Sam Spade

Anonymous said...

"Thats what your Mom Said"


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