Friday, August 6, 2010


Pardon me for stating the obvious, but in every election in the past who-knows-how-many years, Republicans have campaigned on hate and fear, usually in that order. Lately they've had a little problem with their go-to pistol-whipping of gays, as a semblance of humanity has glimmered its way to the mid-brain of enough former cretins to be making a difference. Gay marriage? Ho hum. (Well, not exactly. But it no longer brings the blood to the eye that it once did, when it helped elect George Bush.)

With no ideas that have any traction, none that haven't already been shown to be devastating to our economy, where's the fallback this cycle? On whose back to dump the hate, to rally the frothers, to win the power once again to steal the piggy bank? What's a good Rovian Republican to do?


Wow. That was easy. 9/11 and Muslims. Nine years, and it still works. Even most American-made cars can't claim that kind of reliability.

In a happy bit of timing, a couple of days after I started this post, Sam Seder, who is way funnier and cleverer than I, came out with another in his series of "That's Bullshit" videos.

What a pathetic bunch are the current Republican leaders. How cynical, hateful, useless. How sad that their style works as well as it does, on people who ought to know better. Assuming, of course, they believed in education, tolerance, and America.

It's getting to be too much.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry Sid..
I here the Demos have an "October Surprise" up there sleeves...
You know, since Jimmuh Carter's "October Surprise" worked so well.
and might wanta get impeachment hearings started while you still can.
I mean with a cynical pathetic useless President like Barak W. Obama...I'll even list the Articles

1: Doesn't support SSM
2: Doesnt allow Homos to die openly in Afghanistan
3: Imprisoning fellow Muslims in Guantanamo
4: Throws like a Girl
I know, no one wants Joe Biden near the Nuclear Button...he'd probably Nuke Cairo, Georgia by mistake...
and if the Homos want to get married so bad(seriously, marriage is overrated) they can just go to Mexico.
its legal there, and you can get HIV meds over the counter, so its a win/win.

Whats really gonna blow y'alls minds is when either Ginsberg, SotoMayor, or Ellen Kagan switches sides..
You ever talked to any lesbos??? most of em don't like men of ANY Sexual Preversion.
Mark my words, it'll be a 6-3 decision, with a bipartisan coaltion of Roberts/Thomas/Alito/Scalia/SotoMayor/Kagan upholding Truth, Justice, and the American Way...

dodge said...

Frank, dearie . . .

How stupid ARE you?


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