Tuesday, August 24, 2010


For some reason, I can no longer embed clips of The Daily Show. They work in my preview mode, but when I try to publish, I get an HTML error message. It's a shame, because Jon Stewart has been excellent of late. So, here's a link to last night's opening, in which he addresses the fundamental question of our time: is Fox "news" evil, or is it just stupid?

It's definitely worth a watch; most especially for [you know who] those that consider Fox credible in any way.


  1. I loved how the Fox News folks were laying a money trail to an evil person... who also happens to be part owner of FOX NEWS. Who has had photo ops wtih Murdoch and with GWB. Interesting.

  2. I've followed you on Surgeonsblog since 2006 and have finally migrated to your current internet home. I'm excited to see that your political views seem to lean toward the rational end of the spectrum. If only this spectrum overlapped with the visible... (sorry, I'm quite the science geek these days).

    And yes, FOX news is always "fair and balanced." How could you not agree?


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