Monday, August 16, 2010

Lonely Voice

I've referred to him before, if obliquely, in my never-ending search for a reasonable conservative, an entity all but disappeared from the national scene, even as it's sorely needed. He, Ronald Reagan's former chief economic advisor, has spoken again:
.... In my own mind, I have the same political philosophy I've always had--basically libertarian but tempered by Burkean small-C conservatism. But I am no longer a member of the Republican Party and no longer consider myself part of the "conservative movement." That's not because I changed, but because I believe that they have. The Republican Party of today is not the party of Jack Kemp and Ronald Reagan that I was once a member of; it stands for nothing except the pursuit of power as an end in itself, with no concern whatsoever for what is right for the country. In a recent interview with The Economist magazine, I characterized the Republicans as the greedy, sociopathic party. I stand by that.

I think Russell Kirk and Bill Buckley would be absolutely aghast at the things it stands for today and the people that are acclaimed as its leaders. When clowns like Glenn Beck are its leaders and right-wing bigots pander to ignorant yahoos about a planned mosque in lower Manhattan, I want to be as far away from any such movement as I possibly can. And readers of this blog know what I think of the know-nothing tea party movement, which conservatives have latched onto en masse.
What he says is self-evident, except to those who need to hear it most. "... no concern whatsoever for what is right for the country."

From the mouth of the ultimate Reaganite, one who sat at the right hand of God: "...
no concern whatsoever for what is right for the country." Readers of this blog have read virtually those exact words before.

"... the greedy, sociopathic party."

"... stands for nothing except the pursuit of power as an end in itself..."

We need a strong conservative party. I'd pray for it if, well, you know... Our form of government is predicated upon discussion, dissent, argument. But it also presumes good faith and a sense of common purpose, namely a shared desire to find a way through the woods. Absent that, I suppose we could live -- tenuously -- if it were only the leaders of Republicans who refused to be thoughtful and to present credible ideas. But we can't live -- it's becoming more and more clear -- with voters in numbers that now exist, who gobble up the ghastly gruel they're being sold by Sarah and Glenn, by Mitch and John and Newt and Louie. Wholesale. In Costco quantities. Without so much as a final flicker, a terminal twitch, a rictus, a death rattle.


  1. So 70% of Americans are ignorant yahoos??? Said my a man who just upgraded from 80 year old CRT technology...
    Just because it's LEGAL for me to open a "Mellow Mushroom Cloud Pizza & Sushi Parlor" across from Ground Zero at Hiroshima, doesn't mean its the RIGHT thang to do...
    Or a "Baruch Goldstein Kosher Deli" next to the Ka'aba...
    Or an Orkin Exterminator franchise in Oswiecim, Poland.
    You might know it better by it's German Name, "Auschwitz"
    Or a "William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial Fire Station" in Atlanta...
    Or a "Jimmy Earl Ray's Memphis-Style BBQ" across for the Lorraine Hotel in Memphis.

    Frank "I gotta take a Shi'ite" Drackman

  2. So 70% of Americans are ignorant yahoos???

    Exactly. Why would they even care what 29/30 people on the planning commission in Nizhny Manhattan approved if Sarah the Stupid hadn't riled them up, Newt the Neanderthal hadn't jumped in, and the entire RWS™ noise machine hadn't repeated it constantly?

    Yep. Ignorant yahoos: well said, Frankie. Well said. By a guy who doesn't even know how to do this: ™

    P.S. This post wasn't about the non-mosque and non-ground zero. But I can see the confusion: it contained words.

  3. Hey Sid,
    Sorry if we Yahoo's feel an attachment to the Big Apple...
    It's like how y'all came down South back in the 60's to make us integrate our Pubic Schools...
    And I just love that "Baruch Goldstein Kosher Deli" line...:)
    And your right, the Ground Zero Mosque is gonna be a whole 2 blocks away from Ground Zero, or about 3 1/2 Boeing 767's...

    Frank "You know that "William Tecumseh Sherman Memorial Fire Station" was funny" Drackman


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