Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nutcase Screwjob

Can we all just agree that John McCain has gone over the edge? One might argue as to when -- I'd say it began in Hanoi -- but that it's true isn't really in doubt. His latest ego-driven move to hurt our country is his single-handed hold on the nomination of James Clapper as director of national intelligence. Maybe it's the word "intelligence" that makes him feel so threatened. And lest anyone think he's taking a sensible stand, the man was approved unanimously in the Senate Intelligence Committee. Unanimous. In these times, that's philosophers' stone stuff.
McCain, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services committee, has evoked his procedural right to hold the nomination of the leader of the intelligence community, which could mean it will be weeks before the opening is filled, as the Senate has only one legislative work week left before it recesses until September.

"Sen. McCain requested a specific report from Mr. Clapper, and, until that report is provided, Sen. McCain will continue to hold his nomination," McCain spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan said via e-mail.

So it's pique, a hissy-fit. No matter that there's universal approval of the man; no matter that having a director seems sort of important in these times. John McCain will not be treated with disrespect, I tell you.

Of course, it's not just John McCain. Senate Republicans have held up Obama's nominations, especially for vacant judgeships, at twice the rate Bush's were, even when Democrats were in the majority.

It's pure politics, at its very worst. Screw the country, screw the people's business. We're Republicans, so we simply don't give a shit. It's who we are.

It's simply indefensible. And it's incomprehensible that these people, with this unprecedented level of destructiveness, now and in the past presidency, are claiming the right to take over again. And will probably get it.

I know why it is, and I've said so. But I simply can't stomach that we've become so stupid as a nation. It's as if we (and by "we" I mean "they") actually want to see our country fail. It nearly did. And if they have at it again, it surely will. How can it not, when all they want is to return to the exact policies that brought us down?

In the meantime they'll see to it that no appointments get confirmed. No damn way.

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  1. Jeez, talk about boring topics...
    and I don't think you'll have John McCain to kick around much longer.
    Oh He'll win his primary, but he's beginning to look like a big Melanoma.
    But be honest, if you could have delayed Clarence Thomas/Alito/John Roberts nominations wouldn't you?
    Its like how you don't want anyone to use Oil except you.
    and just look at it as a deficit cutting much does the Director of National Intelligence Make??
    Even if he works for free, I'm pretty sure he has a government car that uses Oil.
    I mean since his Mullato-ness is gonna leave 98% of the Bush Tax Cuts intact, ya gotta cut back somewhere.
    What does the "Director of National Intelligence" DO anyway??
    No fair googling.

    Frank "Baruch Goldstein had the right idea" Drackman


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