Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Obtuse Angle

And thus the raison d'etre for Fox "news."

Think about it: this tiara of teabaggers thinks democracy works best when the press is beholden to our government, asking not only just easy questions, but only the ones they want asked, so they can give pre-selected answers. Not to mention ask for money.

I suppose I should give her credit for honesty, but, really, this is just so stupid that I think the stupid filled the room, displacing air along with reason, making everyone nearby stupid. Maybe even people who watch the video, in which case I apologize. It's stupid as baseline; stupid that replicates and infects, destroys gray matter just by existing. And yet, it certainly reflects the thoughts of teabaggers and their ilk ("ilk". Such a nasty, condescending word. This might be the first time I've used it, but there's no one more ilky than a teabagger. I'll take mine with ilk, please.) And it's exactly why we're in trouble and heading for much, much more. People only want to hear what they think they already know, and they gravitate to the "news" outlet that gives it to them.

Fox brags that it's the most watched cable network. Really, it ought to be a mark of shame.

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  1. Even the guy interviewing her had his jaw drop. It's a start.


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