Thursday, August 12, 2010

High (Definition) Life

So I finally made the leap to HDTV. It arrived yesterday, got set up with dispatch by a couple of Hispanic guys, who hooked it to a little soundbar/subwoofer combo, also new. In a pretty small space, it really doesn't need surround sound; and the TV is a mere 46 incher. LED, though. Very nice. Thin, bright, all the things I'm not.

Now in possession of such a compelling machine, along with my laptop, I may never choose to step outdoors again. What's out there but despair: screaming teabaggers, trying (and evidently succeeding) to take us back to the just-gone insanity; falling markets (the gods punish me thus, whenever I indulge myself); broken politics making for a broken country.

It's a lot easier to tune it all out now, diodes directing dancing dioramas directly and deeply; plasticized pixels producing profound pleasure, palliating pounding pronouncements of pending panic of pandoran proportions. An infusion of juniper-tinged two-carbon fragments, the recliner tipped to weightless, watching my Korean-brand TV, assembled in Mexico: I may have found the long-sought way to cope.


  1. JEEEEEE-ZUSSSSSSSS Sid, do you still have your Miss'us do the laundry with Lye and Rocks?????
    While your enjoyin some "Guy Lombardo and the Cruisers" on your Crystal Set and leafin through the latest "Look" magazine to see what that scamp Lil' Abner's up to???...
    and don't wanta brake your heart but LED's just a hotrodded LCD, basically an expensive calculator screen.
    Plasma'a the way to go, and don't wanta brag, but I've got a 65 incher in my Man Cave and thats the SMALL TV.
    "Family" rooms got a 70 inch Pioneer, Japanese Model, that you can't even get here, and needs a 220 volt transformer or it'll go all Chernoble on ya.
    One word of advice, might wanta wear some of those dark glasses like they wore on the "Enolas Gay" if Charles Krauthammer's on the air...He's downright frightening.
    And Henry Waxman??? he haunts my nightmares. Must- Look- Away..

    Frank "Mines bigger than yours" Drackman

  2. You are so much fun to read, Sid. Nice new look to your blog. But I'm as worried about you as I am about my own husband. You can find him hunched over his computers (plural) hour after hour -- furiously composing the great American sci-fi novel called "Creator" which he steadfastly wants to give to the world. That's the world of publishing that is totally changed from the past. His other hobby is digital photography and he spends many happy hours moving gorgeous images around and restoring our massive collection of printed albums. But I've taken the doctors' advice to MOVE MORE and EAT LESS. I see the older guys who are lean and NOT mean with no flab and good flesh. Like the advertising says, "Just do it." My physical strength and balance have improved and hardly any pain at all this year. OK. I've read you the Riot Act. I'm gone...

    Peace, love and happiness,

    Ellen in Portland, OR

    PS. My blog is now pretty much unattended. Tell Frankie that I'm still telling the world about my days with Mr. Suspenders, Larry King, but now that he's retiring, well, that little piece of business is clearly coming to an end. I mean, he ain't dying and that's a good thing. Larry will be 77 on Nov. 19, 2010. He is half a year older than my husband.

  3. I agree about plasma, Frankie, but our room has lots of windows and reflection is more of a problem with them. Also, y'know, liberal and all, it uses more energy. But it's the best picture. However, this thing is pretty damn good, with hardly any blur. Even has PIP.

    LED, yeah, well, it seems a little brighter, it's thinner which means when I turn it so my wife can see it, it misses the edge our our fireplace, a little less energy which will pay for the extra two hundred bucks in less than a century.

    Cliff Lee was pretty scary last night, having left the Ms to pitch for the Rangers. His ears were all globby red like, and, well, he could use some teenage acne medicine. And a shave.

    Ellen: I do work out regularly and vigorously, even pump a little iron. It's just that it doesn't melt it away like it did forty years ago.

  4. Hey Ellen...
    Take it from a guy who knows...
    Your husband's NOT writing a novel, unless its the X-rated kind...
    and I'd be suspicious about those "Gorgeous Images"...
    speaking of gorgeous images, I'm down to 15% body fat, and I don't have the Hivie or Cancer, as far as I know.

    Frank "Whats the Question!?!?!" Drackman

  5. Hey Frank and Sid; You guys are way's all about OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes). Does that mean they reproduce, too? know you can take the HDMI or VGA output and plug it into the 'big screen' netflix.

    Stay green and be mean.


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