Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Banana Peal

In a world drowning in disaster and desperation, I'm happy to report that there's something entirely trivial that bugs me. It came up again a few minutes ago. Time to get it out there...

I'm a pretty omnivorous sports fan; even played a few, back in the day. I like it when fans get into the games; there were some memorable Kingdome-shaking roars in the heydays of Ken Griffey, Jr and Edgar Martinez... in which on rare occasions I actually participated.

So it's both mystifying and deeply annoying when speakers in sports venues blare the word (the sound) "Dayo" and fans respond by chanting it. Usually it's played only once, and the response is anything but enthusiastic, like yeah, okay, okay, I'll say it, but why? It occurs in baseball stadia, basketball arenii, all around the country. Who knows where else and in what other sports? It has nothing -- NOTHING -- to do with any sports action, can hardly be seen as a rally cry like, for example, "here we go-oh" or "DEE-fence" or, as we chanted at Amherst, "Repel them, repel them, coerce them to relinquish the ball." Or even the cowbell noise, to which people clap.

But "DAAAY-oh? Once?? WTF??? Who came up with that, and what were they thinking? Why not "poh TAAY toe?" Or "PLAY-dough?" What's the point, what does it mean, why is it there?


It really pisses me off.


Anonymous said...

another thang we can agree on besides that Joan Collins in her time was smokin hot...(That Star Trek Episode where Kirk goes all the way back to 1930's Chicago to nail her...Hmmm? Hmmm?)
and how those Sonics doin in the Playoffs??
Oh sorry..
Anyway, I hate that "Day-O" song to, probably cause this Jamacian RN used to sing it every morning during Internship when I'd stagger into the ICU..
and that Commie-probably-on-Bin-Ladens-speed-dial Harry Belafonte made it famous as "The Banana Boat Song" in 1956 when you were probably waitin to come back from Korea...
and its written from the POV(thats "Point of View" BTW)of a poor Jamacian working the Night Shift on the Banana plantation and watching the sun come up, and rejoicing that its time to go home and listen to some Bob Marley...



Sam Spade said...

Frank! Just the man I was looking for. I saw this and thought of you.

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