Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Lemonade Remedy

Some readers have -- admirably, I must add -- said they're tired of reading about Sarah Palin here, or anywhere. But this is too informative to pass up.

From a review of Blind Allegiance, a confessional memoir by former Sarah Palin aide Frank Bailey:

Bailey also helped smear a neighbor who complained about excessive tourist traffic around the governor’s mansion. After hearing of the gripe, Palin sent her daughter Piper out to sell lemonade and then derided her neighbor for protesting children at play. Soon, the neighbor was portrayed on conservative blogs as “sick,” “unhinged” and “drug-addicted.” “By the time we finished with our politics of destruction, he surely regretted ever mentioning the governor’s name,” Bailey writes. “He learned firsthand why so few people were willing to speak out against Sarah Palin.”

One of my more teflon-to-truth commenters says she still thinks the lady is wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

Would that lady puhleese get around to SSaying what she thought about what Missus Palin called a "Bulls-eye" but "Wasn't intended to look like a "Target?"

She keeps saying she will tell us all about it, but never gets around to posting.

Maybe she is doing the Camping manuver: "Nevermind"


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