Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Worth Noting

I'm sure the RWS™ will find explanations other than President Obama having appointed competent managers, or that government is capable of doing some things right; still, the contrast with previous events and previous administrations is noteworthy.

It has been the deadliest natural disaster on American soil since Hurricane Katrina. But the government response to the tornadoes that devastated the South last week has, at least in the first few days, drawn little of the searing criticism aimed at federal agencies back in 2005.

In numerous interviews in the low-income Alberta neighborhood here on Friday, shortly before President Obama and other officials toured what is now an unimaginable wasteland, residents said they had few complaints about the handling of the aftermath by state, local and federal agencies.

Many expressed mild frustration about limits on their access to damaged homes, the pace of road clearing and power restoration, and traffic jams caused by roadblocks and nonfunctioning signals. But most agreed that government and charitable agencies were coping as effectively as feasible with immediate demands for shelter, food, water and medical care, along with search and rescue operations.

“It ain’t like Katrina,” said Darius Rutley, 21, whose house in Alberta was obliterated. “We’re getting help.”

And I suppose it should not go unsaid that the areas most devastated this time around are not the sin-filled Quarters decried by right-wing preachers; but, rather, the heartland of religious fervor and denial of climate change.

Based on previous declamations, it must mean something, right?

(I wrote the above before the news of Osama bin Laden. That's two things the government has done right. In case anyone is counting.)


Anonymous said...

Wats up Sid?
Took a few days off to do some volunteer work in Tuscaloosa...
OK, it was just an excuse to gawk at blown up trailers and houses, thats what we DO in the South...
Yankees go to the Opera or Arts festivals, Rednecks, I mean Southerners gawk at tornado damage..
And I give Osama, I mean Obama credit, he's done a few things right...
1:2% FICA cut, thats some 4 grand to me and Mrs Drackman, or about 8 pairs of her shoes.
2: Continuing Bush Tax Rates, I'd tell you how much that is, but then you'd kill yourself
3: Keeping terrorists in Gitmo instead of Ohio.
4:Shooting those Somalian Pirates in the Head.
5:Visiting Alabama,
OK it took an EF-5 mile-wide Tornado, but its the thought that counts...


Sid Schwab said...

Well, it's a reasonable facsimile of Frank, and it seems to have come from Georgia, so I'm buying it. Welcome back. Missed you.

Anonymous said...

Get the scope zeroed in and try again Sid...and remember to squeeeeeze!


Anonymous said...

HaHa Sid...
theres a crusty old surgeon, a liberal, even though I heard him say the N-word when he was in med school..
Umm OK, hes MY age, like I said, crusty..
He came into the Doctor's lounge with his "Sunday New York Times Magazine" and said "THEY GOT OBAMA!!!!!"
Of course he meant to say "Osama", early Alzheimers is so sad...

Frank "NOT a Navy Seal" Drackman

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