Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I Wonder...

A plurality of people think the present Congress stinks, consider it among the worst ever. (Proving whatever it is that it proves, 1% claim it's been fabulously fabulous.) So. The question is, will they reelect those hidebound, doctrinaire, conspiratorial, uninformed, hypocritical, phony and self-centered newbies who've made it the worst ever; or will they be persuaded that, in the name of actually dealing with our most serious issues, they need to dis-elect the obstructionist lunatics and put in place people with brains that are functioning and minds that are open? I think the answer is pretty clear.


A couple hundred times no.

The electorate have proved beyond doubt -- enough of them, anyway -- that they'd rather ignore stuff, pretend there are simplistic answers even when they've been discredited; that politics have become like religion -- for them, it is religion -- in that the need to believe the unbelievable overrides everything else, including reality. So, no. A few million times no.

And while we're at it, since it looks very possible the Rs will take a majority in the Senate (and, gods help us, the White House could soon be occupied by a guy with no core [political] beliefs other than the willingness to lie about everything to get there), there are two questions to the answers to which I sort of look forward (like looking forward to the scary parts of a movie, to get them over with): 1) will the Ds muster the cynicism of Rs and filibuster everything they propose, the way Rs have done, unprecedentedly, to the Ds; and 2) if they do, will Mitch McConnell scream like someone who screams a lot and demand, as he did when GWB was president, "an up or down vote" on everything? Without the slightest twinge of self-consciousness?

And, since 1) and 2) are really mostly one question, here's another: When Ds do filibuster and Mitch does cry like someone who cries a lot, will the teabaggRs think there's sort of a double standard at work? Or will they, like the leaders they love, flip their morality like it was a pareidoliac pancake?

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