Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Take The Time

It's nearly an hour and a half long. So some time, instead of watching a movie, watch this. You'll be glad you did. (Although if you're like me, it'll make you weep for what the party of the RWS™ is doing to our future.)

Thanks, Dougie.


  1. Sid,
    Gary and I just watched this discussion. It was wonderful and we're looking forward to listening to it again (and again). The way Tyson describes science (in terms a simple mind kind of gets) and knowledge and the expectation that we need to ask the questions and get the details was...well it was wonderful. The passion of both of them was so real.
    What's the story behind the lecture, where was it taking place?
    It made me want to be more curious.
    Thanks Sid.
    Jill and Gary

  2. I don't know the forum; it was at some college, as part of a lecture series.

    Tyson is great: his enthusiasm and ability to communicate it are pretty unique.

  3. Hey Sid,
    just a heads up, some people are saying this Colbert dude isn't on the up-and-up.
    Supposedly he's just an ACTOR, playing a part, and I don't mean like the Greatest President of the 20th Century, Ronaldus Maximus Reaganus, supposedly the whole Steven Colbert character is just supposed to make fun of "Right Wing" media types.
    Which is fine by me, I know Leonard Nimoy wasn't really a 1/2 Vulcan 1/2 Earthling Ass-Burgers, he was just playing a part, he still kicked butt.
    Live Long and Prosper,


  4. Thanks, Frank. I'll definitely look into it and get back to you.


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