Monday, January 23, 2012


I'd like to think this comment on Andrew Sullivan's blog is prophetic:

... a Gingrich nomination would be poetic justice - or maybe just justice. Gingrich didn't transform the GOP alone, but he is arguably more responsible than any one person for the Republican party becoming the cynical, reckless, destructive piece of shit it is now. I am not a fan of the Reagan Administration, but there is a big difference - as Newt would say a "fundamental" difference - between the party of Reagan and the one Newt was so instrumental in shaping, the current, decadent GOP.

The Republican Party of today is the party of Newt. I think the best bet for reforming it is for Republican grassroots to nominate someone who so thoroughly exemplifies it, and have him lose spectacularly. It would also be cathartic for the country if Obama finally grasped the nettle and took the opportunity to definitively crush, rhetorically as well as electorally, Gingrichism and its variants.

As I've written many times, I most certainly agree with the characterization of today's Republican party as one of despicable negativity: hatred, fact-averse denialism, untruthfulness, unfocused self-pity, especially of the poor-me Christianist variety, and doctrinaire obstructionism. I'd love to think that nominating Newt and his subsequent thumping would cause the Republican party to reassess itself and to return to thoughtfulness and connectedness to reality. But I'm not so damn sure he'd be defeated: I simply have no idea at this point whether Gingrich, with his appeal to the lowest common denominator, his willingness to lie and to play the card of aggrievement represents the fringe or the mainstream. There's no doubt he tapped into a deep well of "fuck-yeah-hate-'em-all-kill-'em-all" mentality in South Carolina. I really have no idea -- but I worry -- whether it's close enough to where we are as a nation that it would prevail in a general election.

Is there now a majority of voters who believe a president should arrest judges with whom he disagrees, after first ignoring any ruling to which he objects; who think Sharia is about to become the law of the land; who are okay with a president who considers himself king, as long as his view of unchecked power is aimed against a free press and checks and balances, who appeals to resentment of all things non-white Christian heterosexual? Have Fox "news" and the RWS™, with their non-stop, coordinated, and well-compensated stoking of hatred and discouragement of rationality finally succeeded in their deliberate dumbing of enough people to win the day? Lose the future?

It doesn't surprise me that Newt might be the nominee of the current iteration of a once-respectible party; but were he to go on to win, it'd be the absolute end of what remains of the confidence I once had in America's ability to find its way in tough times.


  1. OK, Mrs Drackman is a Newt fan, which makes me a Newt fan by Proxy...
    You know, sort of like your wife's "Alzheimer's by Proxy".
    And I don't get it, he goes through wifes like I go through Suits(the wearing kind), is pudgy, and a thorougly unlikeable loudmouthed Blowhard...
    OK, maybe I'm a little Ass-burgian, talk too loud, and will tell anyone who'll listen how I struck out Lou Thornton in 1979, who went on to play in the 1986 World Series, so by analogy, I could have pitched in the Major Leagues if I hadn't decided to make a pile of money, I mean serve humanity by going into a lucrative, I mean primary care specialty...
    And its so unfair, I get the Stink-Eye for taking binoculars to my daughters volleyball games(gotta make sure shes not telegraphin her serves)while Newt asks HIS Wife for a 3-way, then divorces her ass when she just says no...
    And we dont even really have a secret ballot in Jaw-Jaw, especially when you vote Absentee...
    Heck, I think Sabina the Maid sent in my ballot n O-08'...



  2. Newt won among Republicans in one medium-sized (w/r/t population) state.

    If I'm to believe what I read on, among Americans overall, he's got
    a 29% favorable/51% unfavorable rating among adults nationwide (ABC/Wash Post, 1/18-22);
    17/49% among registered voters nationwide (CBS/NYT, 1/12-17);
    27/56% among registered voters nationwide (Fox, 1/12-14).

    So of Americans who know who Gingrich is, almost twice as many dislike him as like him; and his favorability numbers are comparable to those that Bush "enjoyed" at the end of his stay in the White House.

    Needless to say, people who vote for him in the primaries couldn't want him as the nominee anywhere near as much as the Democrats do.

    - Molly, NYC


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