Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Nutcase In A Nutshell

Hey, watch this! It's absolutely perfectly illustrative -- the perfect distillation -- of how the right-wing scream machine works: ignore facts. Deny facts. Demand the exclusion of facts from the whole conversation. Anything to keep the false narrative alive.

And do so with the confidence that your sheeplike followers, having been beaten into submission by your constant peddling of fear and hate and lies, won't bother to know the truth. Won't want to know it. Won't even care. Because, as we see daily, they won't and they won't and they won't.

1 comment:

  1. Its 20 degrees in Atlanta.
    I know, its AlGores CFC spewing Jet.
    Wow,maybe the Mayans were(are?) right, cause I'm agreein with yew.
    cause the Smartest-President-Who-Ever-Lived=So-Smart-He-Won't-Release-his-College-Grades(I wouldnt release mine either)
    Can you believe I got a D?
    A D!!!!! in advanced English Compostition!!
    OK it was really an "F", good thang I can memorize obscure Organic Chemistry formulas...and the D(-)in basic English Compostition should have been a sign that English wasn't my cup O' Soup...
    see, I can't come up with metaphors, or adverbs, or whatever grammatical devise I didn't learn about on "Alphabet Rock".
    Where was I? oh yeah the Muslim-in-Chief.
    Your right, Taxes are the lowest in His-Straw.
    Heck, even Ronaldus Maximus and Georgius W-ius Bush-ious didn't cut Social Security taxes, which your typical Jose Sechs Pack-os pays more than Income Tax anyway..
    OK, maybe they were higher back when you had to pay to Vote, a Democrat Idea BTW.
    I mean if they can tax CHILDREN'S BUBBLEGUM(We don't in Georgia) you sure as hell oughta be able to tax something as unimportant as voting..
    Heck, I didn't vote in 84,88,92' 96' or 04' and things turned out OK.
    And when was the last Presidential election decided by less than 1%
    Oh yeah, 2000, well I voted in that one.
    Twice, just making up for 92 and 96...
    And Ironies of Ironies, I've gotta jumpstart Mrs Drackman's overpriced, made-by-grandchildren-of-Death-Camp-Guards-Bay-Emm-Vay(and howcome those former Death Camp Guards always work in Auto Plants?)
    umm OK, my overpriced, Male meno-pause-mobile may need a jump too, but its theoretical, cause I'm not working, something about paying an extra %11.8% just brings out the (insert ethnic group of choice here)in me...



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