Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's An Outrage, I Tell You.

Hey. Have you heard the latest?? Obama has made another recess appointment. "Unprecedented," Rs are crying. A blatant power grab, they scream. Why, it's just, it's horrible, it's....

Never mind. [click image to enlarge]

And let's not forget what this is really about: Rs hate the fact that the consumer protection agency became law. Law. Passed by duly elected members of Congress, signed by the president. In filibustering Mr Cordray, they are, in effect, subverting the law of the land. Why? Simply because they don't like it.

That's the R version of democracy for you. That's the constitutional issue. Which action more threatens the working of government as designed by the Founding Fathers (of whose genetic material, like a vulpine sperm bank, they claim exclusive ownership) and enshrined on parchment?

[Update: here's the serious work Congress is doing, by way of claiming it's not in recess. Who's playing games, and who's governing?]


  1. Jeez Sid, this blogs quieter than when I shouted "F*** Jesse Jackson!" at the Black Barbershop I patronize in the lovely village of East Point Georgia, which is actually on the west side of Atlanta, I think to fool the E-ville Yankees during the Wah for Southern Slavery, I mean Independence.
    It didn't work, which is why East Point has fewer White Peoples than that Kid-N-Play concert I went to 20 years ago...
    And I wasn't really saying "F Jesse Jackson" its just a line from the movie "Barbershop" which I figured the patrons of an actual Black Barbershop would know by heart, like how every middle aged white guy knows the diaglog of "Caddyshack".
    And I don't go there to keep my Ebonics skills sharp, Dey done eben be talkin dat way no mo'
    Its just I got tired of payin $20 at Fantastic Sams and tryin to explain to the bored-chick-with-a-nose-ring what a Flattop was, and it worked out to like $2/remaining hair. And at Fantastic Sams they don't shave your neck with a huge Razor that would make OJ proud..
    Where was I? oh yeah, getting your neck shaved by a 350lb black dude.
    And its one of the few places you can still light up a cigar or horrors of horrors a CIGARETTE, right there in the place of business, and F your allergies..
    And yes Georiga has a "Tobacco Free Workplace" law, just like the one sayin I'm supposed to verify that the Equadorans cleaing my pool have the appropriate documentation.
    Seriously, if you ever have a layover in THE WORLDS BUSIEST AIRPORT, in the city "Too busy to hate" let me know, and you can get a shave in the city thats not busy at all, I mean how busy can you be with an 80% Unemployment rate...


  2. It's true that your stream-of-unconsciousness is about the only commentary I've been getting lately. But traffic is actually up (a little).

    I guess those that agree find no reason to say so, and those that disagree seem not to like making actual conversation; nor do they try very hard to argue the inarguable when called on it.

    So, yeah, now you know why I love you.

  3. "Stream of Consciousness"?
    was Jake Kerouc "Stream of Consciousness"??
    Edgar Rice Burroughs?
    Hunter S. Thompson?
    and I don't write under the influence of any Ill-Legal substanes, I've got a Medical Marriage-Juan-a card and everything, got a touch of the Glaucoma...



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