Thursday, August 9, 2012

Never Gets Old

I'm a lucky guy. I get to see stuff like this every day. What the hell am I complaining about???


SeaSpray said...


Hi Dr S.

You could rent as a bed and breakfast in that spectacular location. This east coast girl would pay to stay there. :)

Let's see on the porch in the morning before going off to see the sights, unsweetened ice tea with lemon and/or mint for lunch and a gin and tonic with a lime twist (Schwab recipe)at a respectable time. ;)

Pictures are just beautiful. God's artistry - from my perspective.

Also, I see angels in the clouds. last night ...I was finishing up painting our bedroom ..."Ocean Mist" - a very light blue covering a dark blue wall. I was procrastinating (the last wall, but I needed a break) and so I began painting feathery strokes on the wall and reminded me of angel wings ..not unlike your pictures. :) What can I say? I was very tired then and after a day of rearranging, etc., etc, ..profoundly tired now. They were angel wings I tell you. ;)

Anyway ...I wrote a long comment yesterday in response to one of your posts ..then took it back out and put into my drafts. I just began another comment on another post ...deleted it.

Oh my gosh! I just wrote you another "War and Peace" length comment and removed it!

Suffice it to know that this SeaSpray is very UPSET. Ugh ..I can't write a sentence without my words just spilling over... I did it again!

I'd mellow tho ...looking at that view, enjoying the breezes, and with a G&T w/LT in my hand ...sans political discussions. There isn't enough gin on the planet that would mellow political feelings.

Sid Schwab said...

Upset? What is there to be upset about?

SeaSpray said...

Regarding my previous comment - It sounds like I am this drinker and I rarely drink. 2 sips and right to my head. If G&TS w/LT were non alcoholic, non carb and non caloric ...I drink them by the pitcher tho. Just LOVE the taste. :) (Cold beer on a hot day nice too. :)I never drank during a political discussion though. I'm pretty sure that would keep me sober.

Regarding your comment:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Going to bed laughing now.


Nite. :)

Frank Drackman said...

Hey you 2,
get a room...


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