Friday, August 24, 2012

There Went The Judge

Speaking as I was of crazy (and probably always will be, sadly, as long as teabaggers control the R party), I think that judge in Texas is a pretty good example of what rational America (what's left of it) is facing. I refer to the guy who's ready to protect his state from the invading UN army that'll be heading there after Barack Hussein Obama, the America-hating Muslim, is reelected and hands the US over to the UN. Yes, that's what he believes, and it's obvious he's far from alone. Nor is his anywhere near the craziest of theories about our president. It does, however, lend itself (or so you'd think, assuming "you" are among those still capable of that activity) to pointing out a few obvious problems with it.

I wish someone would sit the good lawman down and ask for a point by point explication of how it will happen. Maybe they could start by asking where he thinks this UN army is currently residing, and how it will get into his back yard. Of course, before they come out of their secret hiding-base (here I was thinking they cobbled together troops from various countries when they undertook a mission), Barack Obama, that in-over-his-head naif who has the world sneering at us, will convince the UN to act. Make a case for why they should take on the US military and, after wiping it out with their blue beanies intact, assume ownership of this place. Rally the world to join his mission to destroy us. Which countries will answer his call; what will the others do? Then, after Obama manages to pull the whole thing off, piece of cake, country on its knees, tell us how many troops it would take to maintain the enslavement, where they'd come from. Pretty big country. I mean, Lubbock is one thing, now that Buddy Holly is gone. But the Bronx? South side of Chicago? Get real.

So, yeah. Ask the guy for a step-by-step. From reelection of Obama to UN invasion. How does that work? Details. The vote breakdown in the UN. Which countries supply the troops; how many. Do they fly into Lubbock, or take the train? March down from Canada, up from Mexico, battleships ablazing? I assume that'll be easy enough to specify that the judge will have some time remaining to tell us who got the idea of implanting the semen of a Kenyan Muslim into a white Kansan hippie to produce Barack Obama, send him to Indonesia, bring him back, knowing they'd have no problem getting him elected president, given the extant conditions at the time. Because if he believes the UN scenario, he sure as hell believes the secret Manchurian Muslim thing.

Seriously. This guy is not an outlier in today's Republican party. He's the perfect icon of what they've become, dead center. In The United and Exceptional States of America, guys like that are actually elected to office. By Americans. Exceptional Americans. U.S. Americans, as the lady said.

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