Friday, August 24, 2012

Won't Float Your Boat

Those that hate President Obama blindly will believe anything and everything they're fed, greedily, and nothing will change that. But the remaining undecided voters able to think -- and I take it on faith that there are some, even though the concept of undecidedness this late in the game suggests a cone of silence thicker than science can account for, and not much in the way of thought at their disposal -- aren't very likely to be persuaded by the Rovian ploy to make into a weakness the fact that Obama got bin Laden.

I think the attempt to swiftboat Obama's role in the running down of OBL, and the aftermath, is as shameful as it gets, in a big pile of shameful, and it says a lot about today's R party. It says even more of those who might be persuaded by it.

George Bush decommissioned the CIA group tasked with finding Osama. He said, unequivocally, that it wasn't a priority. Barack Obama, wisely or not, said he'd find him, and directed that attention once again be paid to the search. He did so publicly, opening himself to inevitable mocking had it failed. By golly, they found him.

Given George Bush's crotch-forward flyboy flaunting on the deck of the USS Abe Lincoln, recklessly claiming credit for a mission that wasn't accomplished then and never will be, you know he'd have out-strutted Obama, peacocked and pranced like lords a-leaping, had he been the CIC when the kill happened. And Rs would still be dancing over it today.

Whatever. To all but the most hardcore Obama-haters -- and there are more than enough of them to go around -- this move is pretty pathetic. If these guys manage to win the election -- and I think they will, having successfully stupefied the electorate -- with their lying, their avoiding of their own records, their flipflopping, we truly aren't worthy of the democracy that was left to us.

The Pentagon ain't too impressed, either.


  1. With regard to the R convention, I'm still waiting on Pat Robertson to declare that Issac is God's warning that the R's haven't gone far enough to the right.

    CSM - just south of the middle of nowhere.

  2. You really think the R's will win? Oh no.... Oh no.... (That's the lame sound of despair).

  3. Oh, I don't know... It's just that I have ever-diminishing faith in the electorate's ability to face reality, to think using more words than fit on a bumper sticker. We live in an island of reasonableness in the PNW, and get a false idea of how most people think.

    But, of course I have no idea.


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