Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I note President Obama is spending time pointing out what Paul Ryan's views and budget plans would mean for women, for the country. I think it's good strategy. I also think he should preface it all by saying that it really doesn't matter what Mitt Romney says he'll do: he's never taken a position on anything that he hasn't changed. At least Paul Ryan is consistent, and, since choosing him is one thing The Rominee can't change, it's Ryan's policies that we can consider significant and most likely to be put in place. Especially since congressional Rs have already voted in support of them all.

Just a thought. I'm sure Obama's strategists can put it more effectively than that. But it's sort of a twofer, isn't it?


  1. You knew that one wasn't getting through, right, Frankie?

  2. It's called "Cathartsis"
    its like that scathing e-mail I wrote when the ASA Nazis started extorting, I mean requiring Re-cert every 10 years...
    But only for us YOUNG Turks, the Old Farts were Great-Grandfathered in..
    Thats right, if somebody dug up Crawford Wong(Ancient Chinese Anesthesiologist), he'd still be board certified...
    I questioned the ASA President's Manhood, Sexual Orientation, Legitimacy, and even provided some details about his wife's anatomy of, shall we say, a Highly Sensitive Nature...
    Good Thing I clicked "Send" instead of...
    oh yeah, I did click "Send" :(
    so I went all Rand Paul, and started my own Board...
    Umm actually thats too much work, and all the good Acronyms were taken, so if asked, I just mumble,
    "Yes I'm Board (cough-mumble-cough)"



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