Monday, August 13, 2012


Anyone remember back, oh, about three days ago, when The Rominee complained about false political ads, and said something about how in the past, when claims were shown to be false in one, the ad was taken down? (I believe the term is

If you're not already convinced that the R nominee is a soulless lying amoral man who wants so badly to look at himself in the mirror in the White House every morning that he doesn't even bother to pretend what he says has any meaning, there's this: mere moments after his welfare ad was decried for its blatant lies, he's out with another, saying the same things.

So I guess his idea of morality is that when you're caught producing a lying ad, you take it down, all right, and replace it with another that repeats the lies, maybe changing a word or two.

It's consistent, of course, with the party that chose the sumbich: they're barely able to arise from their fainting couches over the fact that that black guy fights back. The party that smears opponents like a barbecue chef slathers a pig is aghast that Obama puts out tough truth against their low lies.

Mitt Romney, folks. Give him a big round of applause. Rising from (sure, let's give him some credit: maybe it's sinking into) the swamps of Foxorovian scum, he's the worst there ever was.*
*Okay, not being an A student when it comes to history, and trying to maintain a truthful, if a teensy bit hyperbolic, blog, I'll allow that, counting back to 1776 or thereabouts, there may have been worse. I'd love to be educated: has there ever been a major candidate who so thoroughly based his or her campaign on lies? (Okay #2: excluding vice presidential candidates and Congresspeople from states that get really cold in the winter.)

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