Thursday, August 16, 2012

Opposite Day

Karl Rove's epiphany regarding running against a strong opponent was to take that person's strengths and try to make them weakness. When you have no trouble sleeping with yourself at night, it's pretty brilliant.

Barack Obama's policies stopped the torrential hemorrhage of jobs that Bush/Rove created? It's a failed policy, government overreach.

Barack Obama got Osama bin Laden after George Bush gave up? He's a criminal for "leaking" vital national security information, even though the CJC had no problem with it.

Barack Obama has far better "likability" than The Rominee? He's evil and power-mad.

Barack Obama, after all other presidents failed, put together health care reform that'll allow millions finally to be covered? It's killing grandma, it's death panels, and anti-capitalist treason.

Barack Obama saved the auto industry? Well, uh, that was our idea, see?

Barack Obama has killed more terrorists than George Bush could have dreamed? He's standing idly by in the war on terror.

The economy (splutteringly) is recovering from the policies Ryan/Romney will reinstate? Yeah, but his policies made it worse.

I think maybe, if it's possible to pick one out of the slime, the Osama stuff is the worst. I learned, as a physician, that there are docs out there who'll prostitute themselves and say any damn thing they're asked by a plaintiff's attorney, for a price. So it's not surprising that there are ex-military who hate Obama enough to try to take him down by any means possible, while faking non-partisanship, just like they did John Kerry. But this? Is there any evidence -- any at all?? -- that suggests what's been revealed about the finding and killing of bin Laden has compromised anyone or anything? And, by the way, it's not as if our president put on a flight-suit/codpiece and staged a carrier landing over it. But Rs would have you believe he did.

When the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs hasn't a problem with it, when the director of the operation has nothing but high praise for Obama and his role in the project, it's hard to look at this so-called nonpartisan group (that just happens to share an office with a Republican PR firm) as anything but soulless shills. Even among a party famous for despicable acts, this one stinks enough to stand out.

And, following the script, Mitt Romney and his campaign, while putting out lie after lie, claims Barack Obama is a liar. While attacking his character like Crazy Horse at the Battle of Greasy Grass, they weep and cry foul like Chris Crocker over perceived attacks on their character. And claim angelic high ground.

I'm a good-hearted liberal, but god, it's hard not to hate these guys.


John said...

"I'm a good-hearted liberal, but god, it's hard not to hate these guys."

I hate them with a passion, but it's not my full-time job.

Sid Schwab said...

Yeah, well, I'm retired. Probably the problem.

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