Thursday, August 23, 2012


Loyal reader PT sent me a link to a list of economists who support The Rominee. Just goes to show you.... something.

The economists (I haven't taken the time to check them all out, but I note one got a Nobel Prize for showing how to value derivatives. Yeah. Like that worked out well...) signed a statement which repeats the whole list of teabaggR talking points; especially the big one, always claimed and never seen, that cutting taxes on the very wealthy and on corporations will stimulate job growth (NB: those taxes are already at all-time lows, or thereabouts, right?) Predictably it also includes the faith-based and fact-free claims that making Medicare a voucher system will "strengthen it" and privatizing Social Security will save it.

Further, these open-minded thinkers announce that Obama has increased the size of government, despite the fact that the number of government employees has been reduced during his presidency. (Perhaps they're including those on government aid programs: you know, the people being rescued from the disaster caused by the programs they're claiming will work now when they caused the problem in the first place. And military personnel, and those in veterans' support. Following, you know, Bush's wars.) In signing the declaration, those academic elites repeat and assume we'll believe, once again, the claim that regulation is the problem. And what they say about Obamacare could have been written by Sarah Palin. It's really a pretty remarkable document, a political screed, a series of unsupported and unsupportable claims.

What Mr. Reich says up there is based on the actual Ryan budget, not on wild statements. And while The Rominee keeps trying not to say anything specific, he's said Ryan's budget is virtually identical to his, whatever his is, and is just peachy with it. And congressional Rs have already voted yea. If they're elected, it's what we'll get.

So step up and take yer choice, people. It's all out there.

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