Sunday, December 9, 2012

It's Official

Okay, the local paper is finally running my weekly column, starting today. A Sunday slot is a good one, so they tell me. Fortunately, the online version doesn't include the picture the print version uses (so far, at least), which, sadly, looks a little too much like I look to be comforting. I might have to talk them into a re-shoot, or some major photoshopping. Or lose the weight. Again. (I'm trying. I'm always trying.)

Anyhow, for them as might be interested, the first one is here. And my pre-official, kick-the-tires ones from a few weeks ago, are here, here, and here. Next week, if they buy it, will be about the War on Christmas. Happily, I've been given no editorial guidance except to connect to the local scene occasionally. And to use "O.K." instead of "okay." Already having trouble with that one, as you can see.

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TomInOrlando said...

Next comes syndication.

Sid Schwab said...

From your lips (fingertips)...

Wild-Ivy said...

So cool! I'll have to get an autograph sometime. And yes, syndication is the obvious next (and deserved) step. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Have been waiting for this, glad you didn't pack it in earlier this (and other) years. Bet you are too.

About the weight:
Try this exercise, called pushaways!

Place the palms of your hands against the edge of the dining table, take a deep breath and push gently but firmly until you can stand up.

Repeat three times daily.


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