Thursday, August 1, 2013

For The Good Of The Country

President Obama announces his willingness to try to strike a deal, another attempt at a "grand bargain" with Republicans. Happily, and surprisingly, Republican leaders, acting like public servants for the first time since John Roberts flubbed the oath, in a joint statement, say:
"President Obama has taken an important first step toward reconciliation. We welcome this opportunity to sit down with the president and see where we can go with it for the good of our country. For, since the founding of the country, progress has only happened when people who disagree are willing to come together in the spirit of compromise, knowing that in a democracy, no party can always get everything it wants. Tell us the time and the place, Mr President, and we'll be there."

Psych!! They said nothing of the sort. Who do you think they are? Patriotic Americans? And what do you think this is? The Onion?

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