Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Let Us Count The Ways...

Donald Trump's headed to Ohio, ostensibly to talk about infrastructure and his plans to turn it into an ATM for private businesses. But, since Anthem, a major health insurer there, just announced it's pulling out of the ACA insurance exchanges, he's added a visit, on Air Force One, with some Ohioans who'll be hurt by it.

The White House, of course, points to Anthem's decision as proof that Obamacare is imploding. (Which, of course, is exactly what they've been working to hasten.) Anthem, though, doesn't quite see it that way:
Anthem, which said its decision to drop out of the state exchange does not impact individuals or families with grandfathered plans, pointed to the uncertainty surrounding President Donald Trump’s-endorsed GOP plan to replace the ACA, commonly referred to as Obamacare, as the impetus for the move. (Emphasis mine, in case you missed it.)
As we are ever more in the thrall of news of the Trump/Russia treason, let's not lose sight of the many ways, of which this is hardly the worst, that the Trump agenda threatens the welfare and well-being of average Americans, including his own voters.

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Smoothtooperate said...

The funny part is Drumpf knows the world leaders hate him and think he's a bully. So he tries to bully more to compensate. His ability to be vindictive has no bounds.

If "Manhood" is his measuring stick? Drumpf has 3 failed marriages...That's including the one Drumpf is in now.

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