Friday, June 30, 2017

Taking It Down, Piece By Piece

So, in the face of clear evidence of Russia, a global adversary, trying to discredit our electoral system and attempting to hack actual voting machines, Trump's DHS refuses to investigate the extent to which they were successful. Gee. I wonder why. Homeland security, my ass.

Meanwhile, in the face of no evidence of significant illegal voting by Americans, Trump's team of special investigators into that non-existent issue is asking for the voting records of all fifty states, including names, last four of the SSID, party affiliation, and voting history. Gee. I wonder why. Free and fair elections, my other ass.

Given the apocalyptic response from the right over the all-but-insignificant efforts of one IRS office to follow the law by screening applicants for tax-exempt status, what would that side do if it were Obama asking for those records?

We're far past the point of unbelievable, truly unbelievable, past even fucking unbelievable. This, along with constant attacks on the press as "fake news," is deliberate sabotage of the only means we have to stave off totalitarianism: voting, and a free press. With pitifully few exceptions, people on the right, patriots all, lovers of America as it once was, stand silent. Or cheering it on. Democracy, their ass.

As Trump and his overflowing basket of deplorables systematically take America apart piece by piece, weakening us from within in ways no outside enemy could, it becomes perfectly and undeniably clear why Vladimir Putin did everything he could to get Trump into the White House. The only question is whether he chose Trump because he recognized his stupidity and easy manipulative potential, or because he literally turned him. Take you pick. It really doesn't matter. Out of curiosity, I'd like to know. Kinda like a last request.

I think it's pretty clear by now that if America is to be salvaged, it won't be with the help of anyone currently in the majority in Congress or the rightwing media; and if what's gone on already hasn't awakened Trump's supporters in red states, nothing will.

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  1. "We're far past the point of unbelievable, truly unbelievable, past even fucking unbelievable."

    We are in the black hole of unbelievability.(<great scrabble hack).

    I'm under assault at the poker table at the moment...I'll be back!

  2. Mika Brzenski, 'he appears to have a fragile, childlike ego, over and over again, especially with women. Its like he can't take it!' My bet is on Melania! She is the curse or the cure for this stupid jackass elected by even stupider republicans who never graduated from high school or who never bothered to listen. Duh, gop, duh, gotta olect prezident, duh. A divorce in the white house would be another wonderful, great First for the First family, yeah its gonna be great, dazzling!!! This is unf_ _ king believable! Why is Washington State reviewing this stupid request? Take my name off the voter registration, I don't want Hitler to see my voting record, address, name(hebrew or not) or last 4 digits of any number of mine. F__k you, Trump! and all your minions!!!!


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