Monday, June 19, 2017


Here's my prediction for tomorrow's Congressional election in Georgia: that R woman will win, beating the young neophyte D guy. And Democrats will spin it as a great victory because he will have lost by considerably less than Hillary did in that district.

And hopes of re-taking the House in '18 will dim ever so slightly more.

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Fonzirelli said...

Maybe... let's look back, oh yeah, Dems owned this seat until.. Newt as in Gingrich took over. Well, Newt is an amphibious little scrapper who likes different women, not unlike the present newt in the office of president, married 3 times(and handling all the other women in good sport and pleasure). Well, variety is the spice (donald duck is the latest example), so moral-like but not really. I hope the Dems in Atlanta can see past the Rep. BS and enjoy the Dem. money machine. Really, 52 million and counting, kinda like Montana, Reps. outspent the Dems 6 to 1 on a non-native rich guy, vs. a native Montana Man. Guess who won, uh... the convicted rich guy, go figure. Maybe...the woman can offset the newt crap but lets hope not.

Smoothtooperate said...

I think the only ding on the "D" guy is that he is not from there. To the ignorant...That's reason enough to vote for the other "R" person. No need to debate policy. The ignorant don't even know they are ignorant, because they are ignorant.

I think you are probably right Sid. *sigh*

Fonzirelli said...

so much for hope, s__t on a stick for georgia. You nailed it, Sid. Kuddos!

Sidney Schwab said...

What I got wrong was the margin. She won by a larger margin than Trump did, I believe.

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