Monday, November 24, 2008


I saw the guy behind this ad on a news show this morning. Key (paraphrased) quote: We need people to oppose the anti-American policies of Barack Obama. And thanks to Sarah for "representing" us real people.

I'm of two minds. The nomination and subsequent lionization of Sarah Palin by many on the right says nothing but depressing things about the nature of a broad swath of American politics. Atmospherics over ability. Connection based on, well, connection.

On the other hand, much as I think (in theory) that as a nation we're better off with an opposition party of quality, if Sarah Palin really is the preferred candidate of the right wing -- whom I find highly repugnant in their theocratic tendencies, for their permanent campaign based on divisiveness and negativity and demonization and extremism -- I say to them, "Go for it!!" Enjoy your life in the shadows.


  1. I did not vote for Barack Obama, but I am convinced that it is time for All Americans to get behind him and enable his success to pull the nation out of recession, restore international credibility and most importantly, build confidence among our people. Much as the nation had to come together after the Civil War, these are similar times. It will do no good at all, during these dangerous years to sabotage and undermine the new president. We are all sailing on the same ship and there is no point in poking holes in the hull in perilous waters...we all go down.

  2. If you want to feel better, read Kathleen Parker's column in today's N.Y. Times. She says that the Republican party needs to distance itself from the religious zealots. I've been impressed with her columns lately.

  3. Fascinating. So the implications are that Obama 1) doesn't care about 'ordinary Americans', 2) if he *does* care, now Sarah Palin can take credit for 'bringing up the issue'.


    Can't win; can't get out of the game. "A beating to nothing" I think The Hat called it.

  4. John Baldwin, on behalf of all of the Democrats who won election -- fair and square -- in 2008, I salute you and your position.

    We are all in this together. Our country is in peril and it will take a massive effort on the part of all of us Americans to pull us through.

    Thank you for posting.

    Ellen Kimball
    Beaverton, Oregon


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