Sunday, November 2, 2008

Feel Good

Here's a nice story that made me feel good.


  1. Oh I love that story! My ballot was signed, sealed, and delivered today. Keeping my fingers crossed for Tuesday night!

  2. Oh, that's a wonderful article!

    By the way, your skunk picture on the previous post? Skunk glands corked in a bottle, inhaled as needed, were the old-time version of an asthma inhaler. I read a piece of someone's journal from I think it was the early 1800's about walking out on the minister on Sunday for his doing that. As an asthmatic, so far I've been lucky in that other people's pets or cars have procured all said doses... ...Just fun facts to know and tell your kids.

    What I think I'm getting to, is, after this election we're all going to take a deep breath of relief, and I think it's going to be a huge repudiation of Rove's evils. There's indeed been a fair amount of repudiation of that way of doing things going on already, but it seems to me that so far it's been happening quietly by those Republicans going out and endorsing Obama. I think it will get louder in the aftermath when Obama wins.

  3. Spinster, you know they throw those absentee ballots away, dont you? But it won't matter cause you mailed it too late, you gotta take those absentee ballots to the courthouse in person, like it was a Subpoena, at least thats what I did with the 852 I filled out.
    Just joking, it was 85,200. Can't take even a Red state for granted.

  4. Frank, I had no choice. Polling places have been eliminated in my county and we are required to vote by mail. Cost saving measures. But we had the option to deliver the ballot in person, which 30,000 pp did by yesterday at noon. Obviously, your vote will cancel mine. But it's a big country. Lot's more votes to come in. Best wishes.


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