Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Wondering...

Throughout his campaign, John McCain said countless times, "I know how to catch Osama bin Laden." Once, he even said so in front of Barack Obama. Do you suppose he gave the secret to the President-Elect during their meeting today?


  1. AHAH! You have come up with the perfect job for Mr. McCain in this administration. He can be the official catcher of OBL! (Similar to giving a first grader the job of schleping the attendance sheet to the office--it makes them feel reaalllyyy important.)

  2. Did Nixon ever share his pre-election thoughts on how to end the Vietnam war?

    I don't know what job McCain would hold. If Obama wants him, so be it. However, I draw the line at giving Gov. Palin a position!! That's simply taking it too far.

    The more interesting story is the Secretary of State slot -- really.

    Henry Kissinger said Sen. Clinton would be a good choice. Who predicted that one? Will she and President Clinton make the cut?

    Gov. Bill Richardson, also? I like him quite a bit.

    The "60 Minutes" interview on Sunday night was very good. I fell asleep that night imagining Sasha and Malia growing up in the White House in sweet pink bedrooms. They probably don't even like pink, but it was just a thought. It might be like the fictional Eloise who lived in that New York hotel.

    Let's hope the Obamas can keep them from getting spoiled rotten. LBJ's children were youngsters in the White House -- Lucy Baines and Lynda Bird. I guess the Carters managed to get through Amy's childhood, and then there's Chelsea Clinton. She looked so grown-up during the primary season.

    Peace, love and happiness,

  3. Ha!

    I was thinking of the official 'chalkboard cleaner', but I might be dating myself a bit.

    Once again, I'm looking at the body language in that picture.

    Barack looks calm, cool and collected (as usual) and McCain looks like he's really, really regretting getting that shot of Metamucil with his Starbucks.

  4. I'm guessing McCain's plan involves an ACME product and can be foiled by large birds.


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